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Sore, Bloodshot Eyes from Latisse but Don't Want to Stop Using! - New Jersey

Ok ..so its been 3 weeks and my lashes are growing...

Ok ..so its been 3 weeks and my lashes are growing longer and darker ! I love it ! 

Pros ...my lashes are already longer ....in only 2...

Pros ...my lashes are already longer ....in only 2 weeks !! I have always hated my short stubby lashes and do not want to stop treatment ...is there another time of day or way to apply that would help ? I am now applying with a soft liner brush to the lash line in the evening after I have washed and moisturized my face. I am only using one drop for both eyes.

Cons ..my eyes are killing me :) Within minutes my eyes are very bloodshot and burning and in the morning when I wake up they are very bloodshot. The visine helps for a little while but then the bloodshot eyes return.

I'm just starting out.....also have the "itchy" and redness thing going on but hanging in there. I also got a small brush and will try that tonight. Tonight is my third day. Two people I know both have used it for the three month and their lashes look great !! Wish me luck !!!
Thank you Dr Rostan. I am using the same method you recommend only with a soft small eyeliner brush. It seems to be getting better for the most part but I am still using lubricating eye drops a couple of times a day to get rid of that redness. It does not feel like it is getting IN my eye but it must be a little bit. ALSO I have noticed some tiny hairs growing where I guess my lid skin must touch my lashes now that they are longer ! OH DEAR ...can't have that , lol ..will go get my eyebrows waxed and have them check those lids ! Amazing stuff that Latisse !
I agree with some of the other comments about amount of application. I still use and still recommend the brush that comes with the Latisse package but you could certainly try and may benefit from a smaller makeup brush. One of the tips we have found helpful in our office is to put one drop into the cap of the Latisse and then carefully dip your brush into it. This allows much better control of application. I feel your symptoms will likely improve by using less product in a more controlled manner. Dr. Elizabeth Rostan Charlotte, NC

My eyes also were red & sore for about 2 weeks or so,I even went to my opthomologist and he said it should clear up. And it did. So just be patient. I apply latisse in the morning instead of at night. I also use it on my lower lashes and eyebrows. (latisse was only tested on upper lashes) I had breast cancer awhile back and my eyebrows never grew back....You should see them! I cant believe how much fuller they are...Also, my eyelashes are coming in beautifully...I use one drop a day, with a narrow painter brush for watercolor. My bottle last 2 months and 1 drop is enough daily for eyes & eyebrows.
Great result. Maybe you should have waited a full 3 months after the upper bleph. for complete healing. There may have been a reaction with the recent surgery site and the product. But in the end LOOK at the GREAT result Regards Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI

Jvara , you will only need to use every other day or every third day to maintain your lashes , but yes if you stop completely your old lashes will reappear ...bummer right ? lol ...but still it is cost effective to just maintain them and who could go back ??? Not me ! Happy New Year ! KAT
How much longer do I have to use this product, after I am satified with the results to keep the lasses longer? Is it a product I'll always have to use?
Try to use it every other day or every two days. Also buy a super skinny eye liner brush from Target. It sounds as though you are getting product into the eye and not just at the lash line. The number one side effect from this product is red eye so try scaling back and using less on the brush. Also, just do the top lashes and stay away from the inside corners or you'll get hairy tear ducts!

Week 12 Hi .. I have been using Latisse for...

Week 12

Hi .. I have been using Latisse for about 2 weeks and my eyes are so bloodshot and sore. I can already see longer lashes so I am so hesitant to stop treatment. My eyelashes have always bothered me because they were so short & I am hoping that my eyes will adjust ? Do others experience this same burning and redness as I do ? Thanks very much ! -- Updated on Nov 14, 2009: 4 week Lastisse update !

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