Smartlipo - Wondering if It Was Worth It (Arms, Lower Abs, Inner Thighs)

I had the smartlipo done because I'm 26 yrs...

I had the smartlipo done because I'm 26 yrs old eat healthy and exercise regularly, but had some stubborn areas that I couldn't get rid of with diet and exercise, so I decided that for my birthday I would get smartlipo on my arms, inner thighs, and lower abdomen.

I have had severe swelling and discomfort with this procedure and have been out of work for a week.

I was just checking in to see how things are going for you. I hope all is well. I have an appointment with my surgeon tommarrow to ask for a redo on my back without moving forward with my tummy tuck. Wish me luck, I am nervous!
Hi Lyndsay, I'm from MA as well. I have been following your progress and I hope your results are better by now. I'm looking for to have smartlipo on my abs and flanks, I'm skinny 112 lbs - 5'4 just some belly fat. Can you please provide your dr. name, because I have 3 appoitments schedule for consultation and I want make sure the one I choose, people are happy with the results.
Hi Lyndsay,Its been 3 months since my surgery. My leggs look awful. I'm very dissapointed.Going back to see what else can be done. I still have lumps & saggy skin. My leggs looked better before the surgery. A thigh lift is probably what will be next.I'm sorry I ever had it done.

10/21/09- My doctor has agreed to do a redo on my...

10/21/09- My doctor has agreed to do a redo on my abdomen on Nov. 12th after much debate. I still haven't lost an inch or a pound and it's been 2 months and 11 days since my surgery. My legs look discolored, swollen, and lumpy. My arms are okay, but my stomach looks worse than before my surgery. I am very dissatisfied and I'm very nervous about my redo.  Very fustrated and wish I didn't waste the money.

It has been a week and my surgeon said that he took out 12 lbs of fat overall from my arms, inner thighs and abdomen, but I am still very swollen especially in my legs and have gained two pounds... Is this possible? I thought I would start seeing results now. How long has it taken you others to start seeing results? Is it normal to still have lots of swelling and be uncomfortable a week into it? -- Updated on Oct 21, 2009: Is it normal not to see results a month and a half after surgery?

It has been a while. I am curious how things have worked out for you. Merry Christmas!
I know your revision is coming up soon and you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best!
I know your revision is on the 12th. Your in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best!

8/6/2010- So, it's been almost a year since my...

8/6/2010- So, it's been almost a year since my first procedure and 8 months from my second procedure (the redo) and I'm still very dissatisfied. I would have never spent $5,000 if I truely thought this would be the outcome. I find that my arms and stomach are very uneven, I have a scar on my lower abdomen with a fairly large indentation, and my legs look no different at all. After my redo procedure my doctor never called me to follow up or see how I was doing, or if I was happier with the results. It wasn't until this week (a year later) that my doctor contacted me which I know was because I left him a nasty review on another site, that he wants to, "check in and see how I am doing." Unbelievable! I've considered going to another surgeon in my area to have him look at what's been done there and go from there, but I'm nervous to have anyone redo anything else at this point. I have an appointment with the original surgeon on Aug.17 2010 and we'll have to see what his explanation and solution is at this point...

8/18/10- Went to my doctors appt. yesterday and by...

8/18/10- Went to my doctors appt. yesterday and by no surprise my surgeon wants to redo the procedures again!!! Third time is a charm??!! I'm fustrated, but happy he's taking responsibility and redoing the procedure again at no cost to me. However, I'm worried that he didn't do it right the first and second time, what's to say it's not goint to be worse or better this time... I have to take more time off work, get more message therapy, be uncomfortable and in pain again. I do not advise anyone to get smartlipo done! There are no guarntees and for those that have had good luck, that's all it is, is plain luck that they made it out alright!

Thank you for posting an update.  Hoping you're right, 3rd time is a charm!

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