I Look Like a Freak Two Days After

I am only 37 years old, do not have wrinkles but...

i am only 37 years old, do not have wrinkles but the doctor said i am a very good candidate to do it, my face looks very good but he say i will look eaven better, and i belive him, is been almost three days and i still look like a monster very burn and swollen, i am very worry about i made a mistake and my face will not look normal again, my husband said i do not look like my self any more.

It was very painfull two hrs. after he finish, but the worst is the next day.


thanks i feel much better. but still red and do not see like is going to make a big difference i think i just waste my money but you know what i still have time to wait for results and be pattient like you guys say. i send a couple of pictures i took today. thaks
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Hi, Please don't be discouraged. This is completely normal and if you follow the Dr.'s instructions you will heal just fine. Tell your husband you need positive feedback and support. Your face looks exactly like it should. Keep posting your healing process and photos to help others make their decision. Keep your head up.
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Don't worry. You are suppose to look like this. I looked bad for 7 days.. but now...WOW. My fine wrinkles are gone and so are my sun spots. I'm 38. Hang in there, this is normal. My boyfriend is amazed at the difference it made, and it only gets better every day. And I'm not posting pics, but just let me reassure you... you look much better than I did.
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Is been 3 weeks after dot teraphy and i just waste...

is been 3 weeks after dot teraphy and i just waste my money, 2000 down the drain, o well at least i try. what i do recomend 100% is the smart lipo is the best end will change your life.


Just waisted 2500$. For me it was not worth it at all. It's been more than a year now that I have had smart xide and honestly my skin got worst. I can't go under the sun now, unless I have 100 SPF lotion on and I still developed brown spot(which i did NOT have before). My skin is soooo sensitive now and breaks out once in while that really sucks... I wish I would have never done that shi******* to my face.

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I am on day 5 now and still red and swollen. I even see a deep laugh line that I never had before. I hope it goes away when the swelling goes down.
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O.K. wait, why on EARTH would somebody 37 years old with no wrinkles actually do an invasive procedure when you don't need it?

And why would you let a doctor talk you into something you don't need?

I know you posted a couple of years ago, but I do hope you are doing o.k. now.

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Brian Kerr

he is a very good doctor

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