SmartLipo Was a Waste of Money for This Fitness Buff

Well I have always been a Fitness buff, but in...

Well I have always been a Fitness buff, but in high school I was the chubby girl. It seems that at the age of 25 no matter how much I work out there is still fat in certain areas I cannot get rid of. I have had my Breasts done and love them, but I always wanted lipo and was talked out of it. Finally I made my Boyfriend buy it for me, over getting a new car, How dumb was I. The doctor claims to be the number 1 in Toronto but if you compare his waiting room to other doctors its not the best. Regardless my boyfriend and I were planning to go to florida for the winter, I thought if I had it done in the summer I would be ok for the winter. OMG was I wrong.

I had it done July 30, 2009. I did my upper and lower stomach, love handles and inner thighs. I went into surgery at 160 lbs I came out at 175. I was actually bigger then before, so swollen and sore as hell. for 2 weeks I wore that garment. while it was super hot out, I felt dumb but knew it would work out.

Lets just say its 2 months in and It looks like nothing changed. NOTHING, I still look the same as before I went in. My stomach fat is there and my thighs are actually bigger. I went to put on some jeans I wore last winter and I couldn't get them on.

I do spin about 3 times a week and walk my dogs everyday for 45 mins. I don't overeat. I am a muscular woman and I am so unhappy about this surgery. Is there anything I can do?

I have a follow up appointment in a week and I cry every time I think about what I did, and how horrible it still looks. It's not just the 10 grand but the summer I wasted thinking I would get results and all the time I took off work. I could totally have a Benz right now. Does anyone know any options? My dad says to get a lawyer and tell my doctor I want him to do it again the way it should have been done, or else sue him. What should I do????

Updated on Sep 20, 2009
I am 25 I have always gone up and down with my weight. I was 160 and I hated my stomach and thighs. I didnt care about love handles but I was I should do them even though I didnt really have any. The Doctor the day of surgery had no AC in the building and made me wait in exam room for an hour sweating my ass off alone before I went in. I was the last client for the day and I am sure they were all tired from the hot weather and no AC. the doctor never did my upper stomach, he said he did everything threw my belly button but I have a roll under my boobs now and seriously I cant believe I thought I would be ready for vacation this winter but instead I wasted my summer. My parents say get a lawyer but what else can I do??,

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I will give name after next week if I don't get what I want

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OMG...I am seriously thinking of getting it done....please tell me the name of the MD's ...I have 2 consults and both cost 100 and 150. Please I don't want to make any wrong choice.
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I'm also getting the surgery done in Toronto and would appreciate the name of the doctor if possible.. Thanks
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can you email me the name of the doctor or post it? i'm getting the surgery done in toronto


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Yes, I was about 10-12 lbs heavier as well. And I'm torn right now too because even if my doctor does come back and say that they will do it over again for free; I don't think I could even go through the pain and the possibility of him making it even worse than he already has! He too gave me the cheapest piece of crap garment; he cut corners at every turn... And now I have to pay for it?? Have any of you talked to a lawyer. I think we're all going to need some cut throat lawyers to go after these hack doctors; its sickening!
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I am 2-1/2 weeks out and I do not notice any differnce at all. I weigh more than I did when I went in there and my stomach is very lumpy and bumpy. I am so disappointed I could cry. The surgery was downright barbaric and the garment is so tight its giving me indigestion. I will not have a redo done even if they offer it-never going through that again. Is there any laser treatment-noninvasive-that anyone knows about to smooth the bumps? I can't figure any of this out-where did all the fat go that they sucked out? Why is my gut still so fat?
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You know I was 15lbs heavier when I left too! It takes a bit to notice, but if you don't see anything after 2 months. I'd get a lawyer. The Garment Sucks but Jusy ask for more pain Killers. I demanded them!!
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I did smartlipo a couple of days ago on my upper and lower adnomen and I am so furious that I can screem and go crazy on the doctor and manager of the SPA. That inform me that after surgery was completed that I was going to have a flat stomach. Well quess what I don't it still fat. I took this surgery very serious and I am not please with the result there will be consequence for such behavior because when I spoke to both people about the surgery they knew that I was desperate and valuable to reduce my sizes and the expected areas and to finally have that flat belly which she promise me for. That lied and I am taking it personal. my I pay 7000. just for the adnomen alone and the results were the same as when I came in. I work hard for my money and i dont fine it funny that just take our money knowing that we are valuable and we have been trying to get this weight lost thing under control. How there them take our hard earn money. If they did not think I was a great candidate for the surgery they should have not given it to me. A promise is a promise in my world and I think we all should fight and dont let them walk over us. If you can't afford a lawyer them just get some law books and read up on it and the rights the related and file your own court pays.
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I'm sorry Mel I'm in the same situation as you and I so regret ever getting this surgery done. Right now I'm trying to get my doctor to redo the surgery at no cost. This office actually had the balls to call me today asking for another $800 to do the redo!! Can you believe that? They want me to pay more money for this mistakes?? I said no. If they won't fix it free of charge to me then I am definitely going to sue them. I say if you don't get anywhere you should sue your doctor as well? Do you have deformities on your stomach like I do?
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No I have no lumps or anything. Its just really imbarassing when I wasted my whole summer waiting for this awsome stomach and results and nothing. I can't believe your Docotor. I am going in on the 28th. I don't even know if I can go threw the surgery again I mean it took me 2 months just to get to this point, the Idea of going threw it again Makes me cry. I am so frustrated.
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