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Uncertain About SmartLipo Results - Have Only Lost an Inch So Far

I had smart lipo done on 9/8/09 . I have only lost...

I had smart lipo done on 9/8/09 . I have only lost and inch so far, today is 10/13/09 my measurements are upper belly ( under the breast line ) 42" accross the belly 57" lower belly 51" I dont understand why I have not lost more? I still look the same as when i went in. I am following the DR's instructions, and no change.

I am scared I waisted allot of money and I cannot afford another procudure. plus my belly button is still very tender and when i touch it, i get very sick to my stomach.

the treatment was not bad, the Dr was great, most of the staff had the personality of a rock, and complained about being there.

Is it possiable there is still allot of melted fat in there? please advise, I am so worried.
How much fat was removed? And mine took longer to see big changes like 3-6 months and I still see more changes 6 months after because of the swelling. Just be patient and are you maintaining your weight?
ok, for 4months now and the only thing different is my sides, I have some lumps and one big one that likes to move around. I see my PCP tomorrow, for an ultra sound. He want to see as he said, what the hell is going on in there. He is not happy about the no answers I have been getting from the surgons office. He will try and get regular lipo covered under my insurence, or at least the lumps removed. So I am still not happy.
I didn't take my measurements -- I wish I did. I am 4 weeks out from lower abs and 6 weeks from loves and I can totally tell a difference just visually but it took about 3 weeks to see results on the loves because I was so swollen. I definitely had hardness and I would massage my belly whenever I thought about it. I wear the garment religiously. Is your doctor not willing to give you a touch-up? I've never heard about waiting months to see results. Do you have a really high BMI? Is it possible you didn't have realistic expectations? I would suggest getting a second opinion and then take that information back to the doctor who performed your procedure. He may need to give you a touch-up. Has anyone else needed months to see results? I would say hang in there and get another opinion!
Dr Khan

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