SmartLipo Totally Worth It! (Flanks, Upper/lower Abs)

Pros: very little down time. I had surgery on Fri...

Pros: very little down time. I had surgery on Fri (flanks) and Sat (upper\lower abs) and was at work on Monday. I was exercising fully after 3 weeks but could have gotten back into it sooner.

I lead a very healthy lifestyle but these areas were just too tough to see results. I wasn't looking for a weight loss solution, just a headstart in the gym. I already exercise regularly and eat well so this was complementary, a treat to myself. I'm not sorry for one minute that I did it.

The people who say it doesn't work probably didn't have their expectations managed properly and could have done it for the wrong reasons. I bruised some but that was expected. Within a few days I was seeing results. 3 weeks later I'm still slightly bruised but it doesn't really affect me at all. Just waiting to see the final results.

I was awake and chatting with the doctor the entire time. I have a high tolerance for pain, but every once in a while if i'd feel a slight pinch, I'd mention it to him and he'd numb it a little more. Whole procedure took 2 hours for flanks, and 2 hours for abs. On the first day, I actually went for a walk when I got home. Nothing strenuous but I walked over 2 miles to a store with a friend.

Not really any cons: i'm still healing so i'd have to say the only con is slow to see full results, which really isn't a con!

Not sure of my satisfaction yet as I am still...

not sure of my satisfaction yet as I am still healing after a month. still swelling and i'm hoping it actually does go away, otherwise i have to go back. however, i do see an improvement. i'll rate my satisfaction after 3 months, which is when my surgeon told me i should be almost done healing.

I am interested in having this procedure. Would you mind providing with your MD's name?
Hi, I noticed a post from you saying you had it done and you went to Dr. Chia. How was the experience? Did you tell him you saw my reco on Real Self? I just went back for a touch up to get rid of some fat around my belly button that didn't go away the first time. I would still recommend him to anyone (though I wasn't thrilled about having to pay an additional $500 fee for the OR and the nurse.) Still a great office and he is a great doctor. I'd like to know your thoughts. Regards, Liz
I am almost 2 months after the lipo and I still have some fat around my belly so it could be fat......give it at least 4 more weeks and if it is still there I would bet it is fat.

Update: Still healing. Still have some fat arond...

update: Still healing. Still have some fat arond my belly and possibly my flanks, but overall my clothes fit much better and it's definitely a big improvement. I didn't bother to measure or anything b\c i'm not looking for weight loss. i can tell by how my clothes fit.  My hips are still numb but it's expected as the blood vessels regenerate. I realize this was a big trauma to my body so it's just healing itself. This in no way affects my every day life. I'm feeling terrific.  I'll wait the full 3 months and address whatever still bothers me with the doctor, but overall, i'm still standing by the "it's totally worth it" comment!!

Hello, I will be flying into NY on the 24th to see Dr. {removed}. I pray that everything goes well for me. I'm in Iraq and will be there for six days to the procedure done. I'm not really sure what all I'm going to get done; just want to see what he going to suggest. Are you fully satisfied with your results now? Do you highly recommend him?

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Update on my Surgery in July. This past Sat, Jan 9 I had touch up surgery to get rid of the residual fat around my belly button. Dr. explained that this part is the toughest to work on and he agreed with me that after 6 months it was no longer swelling but fat that needed to be removed. He did not give me a hard time and the second time around was just as easy as the first. I feel great. A little sore superficially but great. I cannot believe the people who say they can't move. Something must be wrong! Be aware though, that if you need a touch up you will be charged $500 for the Operating Room fee as well as the nurse. I was not happy about this, especially b/c the wording on the initial contract I signed made it seem like you "might" get charged, not WILL! however, that aside, my Dr. is still great ;-)


Dr {edited}. feel free to ask me any questions. i'm more than happy to talk about the procedure!

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I see that everyone bruises and heals differently....

I see that everyone bruises and heals differently. Wondering how long it takes for all the mush to go away. Still have some left around my stomach and hips but not sure if it's fat or swelling, how can you tell?
hey how are things now after 2 years! :) been curious about long term results, thanks for sharing your experience!
hi, i would like to know the name of your doctor, and i don't know where i can find your email address and email you... LOL.. is there any other way i can know about the name of the doctor?? thank you so much!!
would love to know who your doctor is!
would prefer you email me for the name

he was extremely attentive, saw me himself for pre-ops rather than a nurse, and patiently answered all my questions. never made me feel rushed or tried to "sell" me something i didn't request. Bedside manner was amazing, and i truly felt he knew what i wanted, i wouldn't even have to tell him (though I did, of course). Very knowledgeable and informed on the latest in his field. All of his staff was great as well, especially the surgical consultant.

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