Gave Birth Twice in 15 Month Span, 2 C-sections. Not Sure About SmartLipo Results.

DAY 15:As of right now, I am NOT happy with the...

DAY 15:

As of right now, I am NOT happy with the smart lipo. I will continue to post monthly and hopefully this will change. My stomach still looks fat. Not as fat as before the lipo but I can still pinch a good amount of fat. I am really disappointed, I thought I would have this flat belly and no such luck. I think I am going to have to get another procedure done!! Again I was told that it can take up to 6 months for the final results but the longer I wait the more fat appears - are you kidding me!! I just spent 3100 on THIS! The area around the belly button is the problem area - there is a lot of fat there. Well I will post in another few weeks.



I'm pretty much like you two kids in a short amount of time and have been considering for a long time having SL done. keep us posted, as I want to follow some reults over time of people about my age while I save my money.
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What is your email address? I will send them to you.
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Can you please post your before pictures as well?????
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I decided to get smartlipo because I have had 2...

I decided to get smartlipo because I have had 2 children in a 15 month span and my stomach was not in shape. I had 2 c-sections and it damaged my muscle. I wanted to have a flat stomach again.

I am not sure if I am totally happy with it yet. It has been only 8 days and my stomach still feels like there is fat. It is slightly bumpy near my belly button and I am still draining some fluid.

1. Will my stomach get flatter with less buldge?
2. Is it normal to still drain after 8 days?
3. Is it too early to see results?


I just read your review again. Are you taking bromelian, that helps with the swelling. Eveyone's body heals differently, I'm pretty sure you still have swelling. My friend got it done in columbia in April and she said even though she's flatter she is still swollen. It will take time just be patient!
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Hi, I didn't get my stomach done yet. I'm going on friday. I can grab fat on my back but I didn't expect not to. I just wanted the rolls gone. I am still over weight and will as soon as I am able to work out I will. See what he says on tuesday but think positive. I've read a lot people with undesirable outcomes that improved over months. Are you still wearing your garment everyday?? Wear it so that your skin tightens up.
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I tried to post pics but it's not on here??
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It has been almost 3 months since I had smart lipo...

It has been almost 3 months since I had smart lipo. My stomach does look better than before the surgery but there are still fat around my belly button that I may get re-done. I am happy that the pooch in my stomach is gone, however I wish that there were slighly less fat on my stomach. I am going to wait until January to go back and get more fat taken out.


Great!!! I'm happy for you!! Yes I am very happy with my results! I want to get my lower back done now. I have an app tomorrow I too will see what he says! My abs are still hard so I know I still have swelling! Let me know what you decided to do. I posted some more pics a few days ago.
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Hey, how is your healing coming along?
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Good, I believe I am totally healed up. There is a slight amount of fat around my belly button that I would like to get rid of but it is such a small amount that I don't know if it is even worth it. I want to go back to the doc and see what he thinks, if he thinks it is not worth it then I won't get it. I do see a big difference in the way my clothes look, last year if I wore jeans the fat would hang all out and look bad but now there is barely any fat hanging at all! Overall I am glad that I got it done! How about you?? Are you happy with the results?
Dr. Daniel Francis

Staff and doctor were very nice and accomodating. I felt comfortable the entire time there. The doctor even told me I could come to him whenever I had any questions and or concerns.

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