Smartlipo Swelling (Upper/lower Abs) and Skin Irritation

I had smartlipo on my upper and lower abdomen...

I had smartlipo on my upper and lower abdomen because I had a large roll that would appear over the tops of my pants. No matter how much dieting and exercising I did, it would not go away. It wouldn't even shrink a little bit. So I decided to have the lipo so I could sit and bend down more comfortably.

Hi. I had Smartlipo on my upper and lower abdomen about 5 weeks ago. I am still swollen - I look like I have an inflated bicycle inner tube around my lower abdomen - and my abdominal skin feels like a bad sunburn. How long before these issues go away? I am 50 years old if that makes a difference in my recovery time.


No one else yet. That doesn't mean that there isn't anyone - just that I haven't found them. As far as my swelling, it seems to be improving SLIGHTLY as long as I am wearing the garment. But still gets worse if I go a time without it. I am afraid that if I go for long without, I'll be back to square one.
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Hi cupid, i know it's been a long time but i am curious what your outcome was? Did you have the procedure repeated? I am in the same boat and having mine redone in 3 weeks. Wanted to know more from anyone who has had it done twice.
Hi Yochelle Went to my PCP yesterday and he is sending me to a gastroenterologist for evaluation. He (physician) didn't have an answer for me as to why I am still so swollen-said it doesn't seem like fluid since its hard-so that's why he referred me. I have an appt in a couple months. Also, bought the Arnica tabs-3 tabs 3x daily is what the bottle says. We'll see if that makes a difference.Keep me posted on your healing.
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