SmartLipo: Real Results, Really Happy!!

I had my love handles done 3 weeks ago and my...

I had my love handles done 3 weeks ago and my lower abs/tummy done one week ago today. I read all the reviews on this site, researched the facility & doctors and decided to move forward.

My discomfort during and after the procedure was higher than I had expected. I talked to a lot of patients who've had this and they had very little discomfort. I think I have a high tolerance for drugs so the valium wore off me quickly and I was super nervous. I was very sore for a week but I was able to go back to work the next day, I just moved slower.

I thought my surgeon was fabulous. He was skilled and managed my expectations and took time explaining everything to me. He really exceeded my expectations, as did the nurses and staff. I think picking the right place is crucial.

It's 3 weeks later and I can already see how sculpted I am going to look. I am so excited to see full results within a few weeks. I have that hourglass/curvy body back and I can't wait.

I would recommend that people find surgeons that perform this procedure ALL the time. Not someone who does Botox and boob jobs all day and only does SmartLipo once a week. Someone who is an expert at it. Ask how many cases they do a week, make sure they don't just know how to do it but that they SPECIALIZE in it. Ask lots of questions. It's a personal decision to do this but the patient needs to be armed with information.

I would DEFINITELY go through with this again. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, my surgeon rocked it and my results are very pleasing to me...I am a new (hotter) version of myself!!!

Hi! I'm typing on my phone right now so pls view my review for my areas and exact dates. But I has two sessions; one week apart. I am VERY happy so far! I just started doing core exercises 3 days ago. & then I ran for the first time in 5 weeks 2.5 miles outside with 4 steep inclines) & I feel great! How d u doin?
Don't be depressed! You really need to decide if you were expecting too much from this procedure or if it's just the swelling. For me, it was swelling. It took a couple weeks to see results. I'm 4 weeks out from the loves and 2 weeks from belly and everyone can tell -- but at first, I didn't see anything dramatic. If you are in an XS garment, you're a small person to begin with and probably didn't need a lot of refinement so perhaps you were expecting too much? With that being said, your body is retaining fluid and your tissue is healing. You need time! wear the garment. It actually made me feel more comforted wearing it. Mine felt way too small too but the tighter the better. It will help your tissues heal faster. After a couple weeks, I would take it off a couple times a day just for an hour to give me a breather. But I'm still wearing it! I think in the end you'll be really happy with your results!!! Let me know hwow you feel in a few weeks...hang in there!
Hi Mgallagator~ I'm feeling a little better today. I went in for my follow up this morning, and the doctor said I am healing well. I think that perhaps it was the swelling, I am starting to see a difference now (one week out). Yes, I am in an xs garment, and now doc wants to put me in a double xsmall!! I don't know if I can get myself into that size, but I guess I should follow doctor's orders and attempt to squeeze into it. As long as I can take it off periodically for a breather. Thanks for the support, it means more than you could ever know :)
Dr. Saul Lahijani at Final Inches

The procedure is VERY safe, great for sculpting and very little downtime.

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