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VERY HAPPY with SmartLipo on Posterior Hips

Yesterday, my Dr did smart lipo assisted lipo on...

Yesterday, my Dr did smart lipo assisted lipo on my posterior hips. Although I'm happy with my body and I know I don't NEED lipo to make me happy, I did this as a plus and am very aware it's a luxury. It doesn't make me or break me. My goal is to achieve more comfort in clothes, especially pants or bottoms as I always had to lift the waistband up since I had a muffin top. It was annoying and although I'm lean everywhere else, that area was just so stubborn.

My question now is it okay to walk around and lay down in any position? What is "over doing it"? I'm not sure I know my limits as I don't have any pain unless if I touch the operated area. Any tips will help. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. My doctor is Dr. U (Son and Father are Dr.U's and work in the same office; my doctor was the son). I got this operation over a year ago and I am so happy I did it. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend your physician to me, as I am considering getting lipo as well! Thanks! And let me know how you are doing! :)
Hi, that sounds great! I was also wondering which doctor you went to as I am also considering getting smartlipo. Thanks!
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