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I was scheduled for smartlipo but a few days...

i was scheduled for smartlipo but a few days before my procedure my Dr. called and said he was going to do slimlipo instead. i agreed as he assured me it would be little impact on me in terms of difference and assured me this was the latest most improved version of laser lipo.

i am a pain wimp and i have to say i was very uncomfortable during the procedure. i had my neck and central/lower abs done. Even though there was no "pain" involved there were some very uncomfortable moments for me.

The initial prep was the worst. It's like i could feel everything happening (the scrapping, grinding, tubes moving thru my body) but it seemed to take me right to the point of pain but the pain wasn't there.

The actual laser part was relatively easy and then the suction was very uncomfortable..And i can't comprehend how people say they just popped to work the next day or took no pain meds. i was out of it with pain for at least 48 hours and needed my mom to come stay with me to help me. i couldn't have done it w/o her.

using the bathroom was so hard. i did keep ice packs on me and stopped my pain meds after 48 hours. i vomited the 2nd day. It is now day four.

i feel better and am more mobile each day.  i lose the chin strap tomorrow (day 5)and then the waist strap friday (day7). i haven't seen my chin yet. i have seen my stomach when i showered day 2. it was mushy but i know its from swelling and trauma. it improves each day but it's still early for results.. if everything turns out nice it will have been worth it.

Could i do it again or would i had i realized the actual pain/discomfort involved...i'm not sure. i say go for it... i made SURE i had a board cert. plastic surgeon. i found the cost to be far better than i expected.

6/15/09 one month update: so far the results...


one month update: so far the results keep getting better. I am still unable to jog but i am able to take long vigerous walks and lift weights at the gym. My neck is showing more definition. Not sleek like i was hoping but better. The area is still numb and feels wierd to touch so i dont. it just seems the skin isn't connected underneath. My stomach is finally in a place where i would consider a bathing suit. It too is numb still and feels wierd. it still conforms to the shapes of what i am wearing. Speaking of which i am still unable to wear binding clothes like jeans or button up type things unless they are really low waisted and then i just wear them long enough to do what i need to do then come home and change. i practically live in a drawstring skirt i have. But both areas look good/better. I am curious to see after the 2nd month. my chin has no real scar but the two incisions in my pelvic region one has a deep divit and the other has a more shallow divit in the skin. they are tiny but right at my bikini line and if someone saw it would be obvious what i did. Hope that improves. but overall positive about the procedure.

Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

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i think i paid $3000 for both areas.
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i used {edited} (he has a website) He is in the Alpharetta area. He is board certified in plastic surgery (a must!!) i felt his prices were reasonable. His assistant Kerry also works out deals for you. It's actually cheaper to 2 sections done than one. I was just getting my chin done but it cost about the same to also get my abs done as well so i did both. I would recommend him, also he is very skilled with the slimlipo/smartlipt instrument which is important.

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I am in atl..can u give the dr info the pricing is reasonable
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i mean if i try to jog (not job)
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hey i send a message earlier but i dont think it went thru..sorry. It has been over 2 months and the numbness is much improved. probably 75% normal. if i try to job w/o my stomach wrap on i can't but with it on i am fine.(it's the only time i wear it) The skin under the chin is far less tight and i can look straight up to the ceiling now. before i had to modify and lean backward using more back less neck. One strange side effect for me is that now there is hair under my chin. its weird. my dr. didnt really have an answer. i may have to have it waxed. i didnt notice until we did the profile neck shot and it was very obvious and when i looked in the mirror then i could see it. My friend said she didnt notice it but when i pointed it out she could see it too. its stick straight and kind of dark. i joke that i look like a billy goat. maybe the hair was there but fine and smooth but with the surgery now it stands on end so is noticable. otherwise i am pretty happy with both areas. wish the neck was a little firmer but maybe in time. the dr. said if i still feel numb then that means it is still healing. he said final results four to six months from surgery so hopefully.
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Hi, Atl girl! How are you doing now? You mentioned that numb in both area and the skin under chin is tight, did these problems go away?
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hey akn1014. i am about 2 and a half weeks out. i do see some results. my bruising was minimal. i do see more definition in my chin but it feels so tight still and the skin immediately under my chin looks strange but i think this is normal. my stomach is definately smaller. but it still isn't 'shaped' quite like a normal stomach. it's irregular and i still get some swelling when i overdo it. i wouldnt quite put on my bikini just jet. i have the expected hard spots on my stomach but am told this goes away. i tried walking this week and weight lifting. i think my one month anniversary will be when i really take a look at the results. i think i thought it was going to be a much quicker process and it really does take time. Both areas still feel kind of numb and i'm still wearing stretchy clothes. i will post before and after pics soon.
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i removed my chin strap today but cant tell a difference yet because the swelling is equal to what my chin looked like before so i think that's a good sign. again i am average weight so it wasnt a large sag on the neck just something that bothered me but most people didnt notice. Each day my stomach has gotten more uniformed and better looking. right now it still conforms to the shape left by the waist strap which i lose friday. I am much more mobile today and think i will venture out for the first time this afternoon. because of the chin strap i was too self conscious to go into public. i did finally wash my hair after 6 days too. i am happy to have clean hair.
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Are you still seeing results? Do you have before and after pics? I am getting slim lipo in about a week and getting excited/nervous. Did you bruise?
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