Silikon 1000 is a 1000% Better Than Any Other Lip Fillers

Silikon has a slight pinch but overall painless....

Silikon has a slight pinch but overall painless. One session can be done during your lunch break. I had two sessions in order to get the results I wanted.

I am 100% satistfied with my results it looks completely natural and I feel so much more confident. My Dr.'s staff is friendly and is considerate of your time in order to make sure you are out in the time you desire. Thank you Dr. J!


Let me elaborate I realize you had lip injections. Was it top lip & bottom? Was it just one or the other? Since it is suggested to have microdroplets and injections spaced apart. Is the initial cost going to cover the additional injection? If not, I do not understand how you had 2 injections for that price. Silikon 1000 is supposed to be reasonable, but I just saw on Dr J's site someone had lips done and it said 750...for a 20 minute off procedure...the results were beautiful, but it was a very subtle difference in size. The results were more aesthetically pleasing than much larger. Hers was 750. How did you get 2 sessions for 500?
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curious what you had done?
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West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is completely professional and loves his job in making you look beautiful.

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