Happy with Gradual Approach Using Silikon 1000

I am soo happy I decided to do silikon 1000, not...

I am soo happy I decided to do silikon 1000, not only was it very decently priced, but its permanent! Dr J's gradual approach takes time, but its really the best way to do it.

I had the non-surgical rhinoplasty done to correct some depressions, and finally my nose looks natural! my lips are slowly getting to the size i want them, and they also look so natural and soft, much better than restylane or juvederm which looks so fake.

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was really down to earth and funny, but remained professional. wasn't dismissive like some doctors can be, and took everything I wanted into consideration while taking precautions. I would definitely recommend him.

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Thanks for sharing! I am looking into having the same procedure with Silikon for a non surgical rhinoplasty.. How is everything holding up for you? Has any bumps formed? Thanks
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I had one treatment in my upper lip and 3 weeks later i have two tiny beads poking through my lip. They are painless, but thank God its inside my mouth so no one can see it... but when i asked the doctor what it was he felt my lip and told me he didn't see anything. I put my finger right on it and he said he didn't see anything. Needless to say i decided not to get my rhino with him becuase of his lack of attn to detail.
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I have those beads I can feel inside my lips but you can't see them from the front so it doesn't bother me and I expect that is normal...just be THANKFUL not on outside! According to the medical records, he put in 1 cc so that is not a lot and since it is risky, it is recommended (if you choose to do it, to go slow. I didn't expect that I wouldn't noticed any change from one injection though.
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Carine, I have had one silikan injection in my lips and after 6 weeks, I really see no change and neither does anyone else although the nurse insists there is some minut change but she could not provide any other pictures of other people after one treatment. The doctor's excuse is this is because it has to be very slow gradual procedure in order to be safe long term (I can't evaluate the truth of that) and recommends 4-6 tx at $750 each yet, when I got it, they said, "You might be happy with just one." I saw pictures of one of Dr. Joseph's patients with very thin lips who had two treatments and she looks wonderful. Is that you? Could you possibly share your before and after pictures and be specific how many tx you had and how long ago you had them. How did Dr. Joseph explain the long term safety risk (which I have seen some docs talk about here) An ethetition told me today she is trying to help a woman who had artefill two years ago around her mouth and now there are little beads showing through. I would like to post my before and after pictures so people can see and may send them to Dr. Joseph for his opinion.
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