I had silicone, high profile, over muscle, inframammary crease incisions - Wish I Had Done It Sooner - Jacksonville, FL

I had silicone, high profile, over muscle,...

I had silicone, high profile, over muscle, inframammary crease incisions. My scars are visible but faint and I don't walk around without a top on so they're not an issue ;-).

I have some numbness under the bottom half of each breast and my nipples are more sensitive, but again, nothing that would have dissuaded me had I known about it ahead of time. My clothes fit better and look better and the improved proportion makes me look thinner. No one noticed my implants, they just thought I'd lost weight and looked great.


I was an AA on a good day ;-). I have full Cs now and haven't had any problems with rippling or contracture. My husband is a doctor (facial plastic surgeon) and he can't even tell where the edge is. You may be able to b/c you've got more breast tissue to start with. I've had them for 4 1/2 years. I do have some numbness in the under 1/3 of each breast and my nipples are more sensitive than they were before, but those things can happen regardless of type or placement of implant. Even knowing that I would still do it again. Good luck!
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I am considering doing silicon "overs" as well. how are they working out for you? How big were u to start w/ ? I am a large B/small C and would like to be a D. So nothing too dramatic. have you had any issues w/ rippling? Capsular contracture? How big did you go w/ the implant? Thanks so much! jesica
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He's not going to chit chat with you but if you want well-done, conservative work from a very experienced surgeon, he's excellent.

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