Silicone Implants for 20 Years - Ruptured and Caused Illness

If liquid silicone causes inflammatory side...

If liquid silicone causes inflammatory side effects via injection then why would it not cause inflammatory side effects when an implant ruptures and oozes gross liquid silicone gel into the body? Seems something of a contradiction.

FDA has made silicone injections an illegal practice. Even though the silicone in implants is in an envelope, it does have great potential for rupture and leaking. Failure rate of implant is between 3 to 10 years.

I had implants for 20 years. During that time I had 3 TIA's with no concrete evidence of cause. I became extremely ill in 2005,high fevers, intolerance to heat/cold, tachycardic episodes, chest/breast pain, joint swelling and widespread pain, syncopal episodes, you name it I had horrible symptoms and no one could figure it out. Neuro, immuno, endo, cardio, hematologist, you name it I sought all specialties for answers. Was totally disabled. It was thought that I had pheocreocytoma and underwent every test imaginable. Chest xray revealed clouding which to me indicated silicone implant rupture. Next day told my doctor what I had read on the radiology narrative, he acted quickly and breast ultra sound ordered. Ruptured implants by George. In fact, indication that they had been ruptured for a while. I was just sick and had no idea what was the cause until after 4 months of tests, hospitalizations, a radiology report found the culprit.

When explanted, there were many neuromas, mold and were a gooey, slimy mess. I continue with illness am treated with methotrexate and Plaquenil to name a few. I don't subscribe to the theory that there is no correlation between rupture and illness. Just because it has not been discovered to be so does not mean it isn't so.

It is okay for implants to leak silicone into the body, that is safe as all the surgeons in this forum state. However, it is not okay to directly inject it into the body? What is the difference? Free flowing silicone whether injected or leaked out of an implant it would seem would have similar inflammatory side effects not to mention other issues. I would really like an answer to this question.

By the way, FDA has not exactly said that silicone is safe in the human body, they have also admitted that due to product failure, implants must be checked regularly and replaced one or more times in a woman's life time. Very different than the previous claim that one would have them for life. A registry has now been established to track women who have them implanted which did not exist in 1984 and prior. In addition, I know many women with implants that are causing them problems but they cannot have them removed because of cost prohibitive issues.

How many women do you think there are in this very situation? There are plenty but no way to track those women until they arrive at the emergency room very sick with serious problems.

Just take them out you say? Not covered by insurance and not everyone has the money to do it. Lots of sick women running around who can't afford to take out their ruptured, encapsulated, leaking implants.

If liquid silicone causes inflammatory side effects via injection then why would it not cause inflammatory side effects when an implant ruptures and oozes gross liquid silicone gel into the body?


I see a dr in two weeks. Have had mine since 1986 and both are ruptured. Couldn't get answers for the swelling, or the 'blurpping' feeling from time to time, like bubbles running. I have no idea what will happen. And frankly, I am scared.
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I had them taken out after years of trying to find out if they were ruptured! I went to the same doctor and he assured me they were fine! 9 years later I went to him again and again he reassured me! But he said they were there for over twenty years so they should be removed or replaced and I chose to have them removed! Thank God I had the money because after the surgery he told me that one was ruptured! I am feeling better but still suffer from many side effects and no one can tell me what's wrong! The worst one is that I sweat all over my body! I'm talking pouring out of my skin when I just go to the grocery store and bring the groceries home! How can I work anywhere with this embarrassing situation! I hate it! I eat and I feel like throwing up! Can't eat much but still don't loose weight!
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Bahbrowneyes, I can relate to those symptoms. I don't sweat, had a heat exhaustion several years ago, but I do have the nausea and no I too am not loosing weight. I work, but it sure is uncomfortable. I go on Monday, 28th, to see a surgeon. Mine left the country several years ago, he was French and either he died or moved back to France.
Peter Stokely, MD

Physician who implanted is deceased.

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