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As I've gotten older (43), my never-voluptuous...

As I've gotten older (43), my never-voluptuous lips have lost almost any volume they once had. I'm tired of their thinness and have been thinking about doing this for at least a year.

I want to freshen up my face up bit (am not ruling out filling my naso-labial folds at a later date), have enough lip to wear lipstick without it looking like two slashes of color across my pie-hole, and just feel a little prettier.

Restylane or Juvaderm I think is Dr. Peters' filler of choice.

I've never had filler of any sort, so am a little nervous about the pain.

May 8th:

I had my lips filled today! I had so much guilt going into it because of the money I was spending. I did it anyway, though.

She used one syringe of either juvaderm or restylane. Not sure which! We had a teensy misunderstanding, where she thought I only wanted my upper lip done, but I really wanted both upper and lower done, hence she used 7/10s of the syringe on my upper lip.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow about the look. So far it's pretty swollen on top and I have one lump (which is normal) on one side of my upper lip.

The topical lidocaine really, really helped with the pain. I know because I had a lot less on my bottom lip than my top and could really feel those pinches in relation to my top lip.

Apparently, you need to be careful of lipstick, etc. for 30 minutes after the injections because you don't want to re-mold the lips. Dr. Peters said it takes about 30 minutes for the lips to "set".

I'll post some after pics. I love the fullness in my lips. It's not super dramatic, but I feel it really helps balance out my face.

We'll see what I think when the swelling goes down.

May 9th:

Tons of bruising and one huge lump in my upper lip. I feel like a muppet, or Donatella Versace. Really, barely want to be seen publicly. This morning I panicked and called Dr. Peters's office to get in to get more injected into my bottom lip. They gave me an appointment and were very sweet. I called back and canceled it though. While I do wish my bottom lip had as much filler as the top (I'm pretty sure the normal ration is 2/3 bottom to 1/3 top), I think it'll look a lot better when the swelling goes down and that lump disappears.

Props to the receptionists I talked to who were very nice despite my freak out.

May 11th:

Still the bruising and bump, but the swelling has gone down and I don't feel like I belong on The Real Housewives of Seattle anymore. I think I'm really going to like this once the bruises fade.

If you're considering doing this, be aware that you will look freakish the first day or two, there can be a lot of bruising and lumps are normal.

June 6th:

It's been a month since the injections. It's fun to have lips and be able to wear lipstick. I still feel my upper lip is a little too large in proportion to my lower lip, but I think I look better than before. My upper lip still has a lump (though it is softer and more spread out than in the beginning). I don't think anyone notices but me. The pain, hardness and bruising is gone. I would definitely do this again.

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So did you ever return for more plumping? I'm sure you would have updated but thought I'd ask anyway. Mine sure could use a boost!
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No, I never did. Part of the reason is cost. Part of it is because I'm not sure if it truly made me look better or just duckish. I wish I'd taken more photos from the side. And the other reason is that I generally have a huge aversion to adding things to my body that aren't natural. It was interesting to experiment with the lip fillers, but I don't think it's something I want to do forever.
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I have never had a chance to read your reviews and I love this one! Your post injection lips look so pretty. It has been a while since the injections so I was wondering, do you still have these results? If not, do you want to do this again?
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I should post new photos. I'm 10 months out and can still see a teensy bit of the plumping action. Mostly, though, the effects of the filler have worn off. Not sure if I'd do it again. Perhaps, if I could do it for free I would, but I just can't see budgeting this in for $500 a year.

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Haha! Your budgeting point is totally valid. A money tree has yet to be invented.
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My friend is coming home in one month after a year's absence. Does the injections inhibit kissing?

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They didn't for me. Though they are too sore for the first few days. If you can, get the injections a week out so your lips have time to heal before the big reunion.

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Dr Ricardo Rodriguez has an excellent video that explain from which type of lip lift you can benefit the most
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Thanks so much for that info. I'll check it out.

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Hi Angie , as you I'm almost 43 and have never had lips. Until few years ago I was accepting myself the way I was created by nature, when suddenly I decided i have to do something. As you I felt soooo guilty spending that kind of money. Today I got used to that guilty feeling so I care less. I see my relation with my money in a different light. So the first time I did my lips in 2005 and i think it was Restilane. The doc was so inexperienced and left a dent on my upper lip. They say it goes away but mine it didn't. One month latter my lips were as tiny as it could be. Disappointment was the new feeling. Than i tried again in 2009 , with someone else. Same . Flat in 1 month. Than i think in 2010 I went in Manhattan to try this time Sillicon . Big difference. Evidently one injection was not enough as the doc does microdroplets . It took me like 4 treatments during 2years to get my lips to a point that I can see them :-]. I never wanted big lips bcuz I won't look good. Some women are so beautiful with big lips. Not me. I love the size of my lips at this moment. Maybe one more round of Silicon in few years, but for now I'm ok. Thinking of you, even in not an expert I think you'll benefit from a mash or fat grafting to your lips. This will eliminate that guilt of spending bcuz grafting is expensive but it is one time only not every 6month. You look beautiful with your lips done.
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Thanks, zizi! I'm also considering a lip lift. We'll see!

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Good question! He said he can't feel it, but that my lips do feel "harder" in general. Which is, apparently, a good thing according to him.

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Well if you are liking it, and he is too, I'd say it was a great choice for you!! :)

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Glad you are loving your lips Angie!! So, I gotta ask...has your husband mentioned if he can feel the lump in your lip when you kiss??

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I really love your lips. Perfect.
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You look so beautiful Angie, I love your new lips! 



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Love the pics Angie! Your lips are looking great, and I'm glad Dr. Peters staff was helpful in the middle of a freakout. We all have those moments when we have things done, you are definitely not alone in that!

Keep us posted on how your lips are feeling and if you decide to do more. I will more than likely be joining you as a filler user in the next 6 months or so...eek!

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