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I had 2 treatments within the last 3 months. It...

I had 2 treatments within the last 3 months. It was very painful and costly. At first I saw a big improvement, but the results have gone away and I am very unhappy.

I did it to increase volume in my face, but now I don't see any difference.

I noticed at 8 weeks after the second treatment...

I noticed at 8 weeks after the second treatment that it was really working. Don't give up, it takes a while to work and one treatment will not be noticable. I would do it again and I am very happy. They originally told me I would need 6 vials, but I am happy with the 4 I had. I am at 4 months now since my first treatment. If it lasts two years I will be ecstatic. So far no bumps or any problems. When I pass a mirror I see my old self.

I had my first treatment of 2 vials 10 weeks ago...

I had my first treatment of 2 vials 10 weeks ago and a second treatment 2 weeks ago, again 2 vials. I am in SoCal and my doctor charges $750 per vial. Recently, I have had several comments about me looking so young for my age, 53. It has given me a real boost. It has lifted my eyes somewhat, having it injected above the brow and in the temples. I feel that I look at least 10 years younger than before. I have also been taking hyaluronic acid and been on a very good antioxident diet, including lots of olive oil to stimulate my skin.

I don't think I need any more for now because I expect more fluffing in the next couple months.

My sculptra was mixed 48 hours before and diluted with 7 cc's saline, this is very important to reduce the risk of bumps. It was also injected extremely deep into my muscle. If you get a properly trained doctor, you should get excellent results if you are a good candidate.

Great posting. Most need 3 to 4 sessions of 2 vials each. Fee range from $600 to $1000 per vial. So if you have 2 vials every 3 to 4 weeks for 4 sessions ($750 x 2 = $1500/session x 4 sessions = $6,000, over 4 months). Vs a mini facelift for same fee healed in 10 days. It is a choice that the patient must make. But remember the sculptra does not always give good results. 50% failure rates can occur. Very hard choice, 'when it works, it works well'. Regards from MIAMI

Nancy how are you doing know? Are you still happy with the results? I would like to have it done.

It has worked really well. Last treatment was 8/09, but only 1 vial instead of two. I ended up spending $3750 and it was well worth it, in fact my face is almost too chubby, but thats OK!

WORTH THE MONEYOnly use a doctor who has all the...


Only use a doctor who has all the latest sculptra experience, since injection procedures have been updated. Your doctor must have an artistic approach to the face and inject deeply. This can be a disaster in the wrong hands.

Stick with it, one treatment will not give results. Do not get discouraged.  I had my treatments 3/09, 5/09, 8/09. It is now Jan. 2010 and I am really happy with the final result. I will do it again if these results last a couple of years.

How are you doing with your Sculptra treatments now? I have had two treatments now 4 weeks apart. The office staff took photos before and after. After the first injection I could see the results! In fact, the Doctor wants to put my photos on her web-site because they are pleased with the results. BUT, after the second injection I had a really BAD skin reaction! Red, itchy bumpy skin. It has calmed down now but it took three weeks. I don't think I can have it done again because of this.
Its been 7 months since my last treatment and the area still seems to be expanding. I am still very pleased with it overall. I have no side effects.
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