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Sculptra Under Eyes, Chin and Temples

I thought it only appropriate that I post my...

I thought it only appropriate that I post my experience as I have appreciated the feedback I have read on from so many others.

After reading much about sculptra and visiting two different doctors in the Pasadena area I decided to try the procedure. The Dr. I went with said he has done 1000s of scuptra treatments and allowed for me to talk on the phone with a patitent of his that had the sculptra. He allowed for me to feel what the sculptra would feel like, as he had it under his eyes.

I had the treatment on my lunch hour this past Monday. From start to finish it took about 30 minutes. The shots to numb my face were the most painful, although tolerable. Initially my right eye swelled up and I couldn't open it. This turned out to be from all the fluid (both numbing solution and sculptra) and lasted less than a minute. When I first saw myself in the mirror, I thought wow. I look great. But as predicted, the bulk of the improvement was gone in a few hours (as the fluids were absorbed).

It is now day two. I see a very slight improvement but am hopeful the results will improve with time and my second treeatment. The Doctor does not want me to have my second treatment for 2 months.

I did not have any bruising or swellling at the injection sights. I re-applied my makeup and returned to the office right after my visit. Nobody noticed a thing. I did start taking Arnica a few days prior to the procedure so this may be part of the reason I had no swelling or bruising.

I will continue to keep you posted as time goes on.

Who was your doctor? I'm in the area and would love to go to him as he sounds great!

Hi Trisha333
yeah I love the arnica pills, I also used the arnica gel I dont have any bruises at all at this time.. To answer your question on age.. I am 52 yrs :0
and injectables used
juvederm ultra on my lips...I love them they are nice and soft.
I had Radiesse in my lips the last time I had them done, what a mess! This doctor that I am seeing now is fixing the wrongs... The radiesse was injected as an outline on my upper lip it caused a ridge like appearance My Doc wont use it..How did you like the restylane and juvederm?
I had my first sculptra shots yesterday..I was under the impression that I would have the shots under my eyes I was very afraid. Yey I was wrong Doc injected under the eye on the cheek..I had some also in chin area... very Tiny little bruising this morning.. I iced and took arnica pills and I am doing the 5/5/5 Massage .. while I was there I thought why not get my lips done so I did! they came out nice not too big just right :) looking forward to my next visit in 8 weeks..
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