Sculptra on Cheek and Temple Areas

Hi all,, im a male and i had sculptra all over my...

Hi all,, im a male and i had sculptra all over my cheek area and temple area and two viles were used. Okay i was bruised and swollen like mad for 10 days and then it subsided.

My treatment was done by a plastic surgeon who told me the reason people get lumps is because they do not massage the skin for a long enough period,, infact for the whole 6 weeks after the initial treatments . Thks is to make sure the collagen grows evenly and does not clump together. As the daily massage will dicipate the collagen through out the face where its needed. So ive massaged twice a day and for 6 weeks and it look amazing. I m having my second dose next week and i intend to keep massaging for months and months okay it will stop me getting lumps but its also amazing and keeping your skin looking great and young. So keep massaging, 5 days is not enough at all,, as your skin wont have even had the chance to let the stuff settle yet ,, in england they recommend at least 6 weeks after each set of injection. Please massage


Hi there,, yes ive finished the whole course and its easy,, just massage every day for 5 or ten minutes and your skin will glow even more because of the massage,, and will make sure you get no little lumps. ive had 3 lots now so ive finished the results are astounding,, i have plump cheeks again and its looks so natural like my face was maybe 15 years ago. You cant tell ive had any work done what so ever that's why Sculptra is so great. It also lifts the face as it plumps so your whole face looks lifted,, Dont worry please you are doing the right thing,, as long as you massage away to stop any nodules forming you will be totally fine, you can have my email if you want If your worried i dont mind talking to you , stick with it,, its so worth it,, the change is subtle but so totally face changing for the better !!!!!! so remember keep that massaging,, what face creams are you using on your skin ? Hugs Danny,
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Hello from Toronto. Had my first Sculptra injection April 19th, day 3 and no swelling or bruising just a bit of red blotchiness. After reading some of the posts here I am now frightened to have a second injection in 6 weeks. Have you done the second yet? Am massaging 5 times daily for 5 minutes.
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make sure you see the work the doctor or surgeon has done before,, dont just pick any out of the phone book do your research

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