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I Am Happy with It After 4 Treatments

I did not expect Scuptra to turn me into George...

I did not expect Scuptra to turn me into George Clooney and I had very realistic expectations. I just wanted the un-natural sunken 'valleys' on my cheeks to be filled in. After four treatments, I am quite happy with the results and I have not experienced side effects described in here. I had some pin sized bruisings but they went away within days. I had my treatments from April to July 2009.

I'm interested in Sculptra
I'm scheduled to have Sculptra done on the 3rd. I'm concerned about the horror stories with bumps/lumps under the eyes. Is there any other treatment that is safer to treat sunken areas under the eyes.
I am looking for a reliable provider in the Seattle are.
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is a leader in Scuptra treatments and came well recommended. Now I can recommend him to others based on my experience.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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