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Sculptra is Working Great for Sunken Cheeks After Weight Loss

I have had three sculptra treatments over the last...

I have had three sculptra treatments over the last couple of months and am due another next week. I am very happy so far with the results. My cheeks were sunken from weight loss and I was very unhappy. I now have a much fuller face and love it.

I was told to massage once a day for five minutes and so far no lumps! I have heard that some people who have had this treatment have not even been told that you have to do this! The only thing I do not like about these injectable treatments is how do you know that your getting the correct amount that you have paid for? How would I know how much sculptra is in one treatment?

I have recenty lost 100 lbs and have lost alot of elasticity in my cheeks...more wrinkles than my Mother!!!! I don't need to look 25 just want to age appropriately...did yo find that this was the case?
Hi sorry for my late reply. I love sculptra and have had excellent results. I will put some photos on here tomorrow so you can see for yourself. It gave me back what I had lost. Have you had it done yet? Sorry I only just got your message.
Looking forward to your pictures. Thanks Sylvia in the USA
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My first 3 treatments were done by a nurse but I suspect I was not getting a full treatment. Am changing to a Doctor.

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