Sculptra Results Are Barely Noticeable

I am/was happy... thought I noticed a difference...

I am/was happy... thought I noticed a difference when I first had the sculptra injected... could be from the swelling. I did bruise, which I was not expecting to so badly. It took 2 weeks for the bruising to go away. Maybe you can suggest something to lessen this.

Hi, I had sculptra about 5-6 weeks ago but I don't really see a difference. I will be going for another fill in a week. How long does it take to see something is happening.... I know it takes time but what timeframe is realistic? Will this second fill make the difference?

Thank you

I am 31 years old and i did it because i lost 10 kilos during 2 months however, after 12 weeks the result bit appears i do not know why, do u think i need more time to notice any improvement as well as i after 8 weeks i have done cheeks filler to improve the face appearance while the sculpture but both does not satisfy me. will be back to provide u more update.
Sorry, I didn't have any before pics taken.

I paid £400 per treatment, for 1 vial of sculptra.

The interval was 6 weeks, but as I had very good results, we decided to leave it for 5 months before trying a third. That will be in June.

I suspect the jaw line maybe difficult, as areas with high muscle activity result in greater chance of clumping. A decent practioner, who has done many treatments, should be able to advise what is possible. The cheeks are very suitable, if they are filled cleverly they can create a nice lift effect.

I advise a consultation with a decent practitioner, someone who explains all the pros and cons, and has been providing sculptra for a while.

Let me know how you get on, and if you have any questions.
is that ok,if you post your photo before and after?

2-how much did you spend for your 1st injection?
if you want,you can share the photos with me to
3-how many month is the interval time between each injection?

i am looking ofr jaw line and cheek area.
and i am living in best city is Toronto for now or may be L.A in future.

thanks alot for helping
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I do only because I'm willing to give it more time to evolve. That's what I'm hoping for... results are mildly noticable 5-6 weeks into injection.

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