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Water-assisted Smartlipo: Upper/lower Abdomen and Love Handles (34 Y/o Male) - Scottsdale, AZ

Okay, made it to day seven and I'm still totally...

Okay, made it to day seven and I'm still totally bruised and swollen. See pics above. I still look better than before the surgery so I'm still happy but I don't look nearly as good as the morning after. If my body can get back to that I'll be extrememly pleased.

Wearing the garment 24/7 is really getting to me but for the next seven days I only need to wear it 18hrs/day :(

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I'm at day nine and I'm doing much better. My...

I'm at day nine and I'm doing much better.

My stomach/flanks were hugely swollen for the past few days so I called my Dr. and he told me to get a lymphatic drainage massage. I'll called a local massage therapy place and got in last night. The massage was interesting and different from other massages I've had, it wasn't uncomfortable but not as relaxing as other types of massage. My goal was is reduced swelling.

About two hours after the massage I was swollen like a big white whale and I thought I'd done something terribly wrong. I applied some more arnica gel to the site and went to bed. The good news was after waking up this morning my swelling was down significantly and I felt good enough to do 3 1/2 miles on an elliptical machine.

My massage therapist also mentioned when doing my treatment that she's never felt a post-lipo patient who's treated area was so uniformly flat. She said usually there are lumps/bumps and other areas of left over fat or other issues with lipo patients. I told her I flew to Scottsdale to have Water assisted and Smart Lipo done which isn't really done in this area. I thought it was a good complement to Dr. M. If I'd gone to his massage therapist in Scottsdale and heard that statement, I'd take it with a grain of salt but this came from a independent therapist.

I'll shoot more pics next Tues at my 14day mark to show the progress. Overall I'm very happy with my investment and hope this info helps anyone else trying to make a decision or going through recovery.

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I just took my 14 days post surgery pics and I'm...

I just took my 14 days post surgery pics and I'm very pleased. Last week I was HUGE with swelling and when I touched my stomach and flanks it felt like I had a flak jacket under my skin. I had three lymphonic drainage massages between days 7 and 12 and that seemed to help.

I also bought an ultrasonic massager (MendMeShop Ultrasound Pain Therapy System) and started using that three times a days and that is when I saw HUGE improvement. I don't know if my body was just healing naturally or if the stuff I did helped but I do know I was getting bigger before I got the massages and started the ultrasound.

As you can see in the pictures I'm looking much better at day 14 than at day 7 but am still swollen and still have a lot of hard spots and lumps. I'm guessing I have one to two inches of swelling in my stomach.

I was able to start execersising (low impact, walking, eliptical, stairmaster) on day seven and after my first session (30 minutes) I was really swollen but now at day 14 I'm back to my normal workout schedule (3 days of aroebic, 3 days of weights) I'm still taking it easy on my mid-section but I was able to do a full upper body and arms on Monday and will do a complete lower body today.

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The most recent photos below were shot at day 28...

The most recent photos below were shot at day 28 (I'm at day 30 today) but must like my pics at day 14, I'm still pretty swollen in my lower ab area. My flanks never got too bad. However, as you can see from the pictures, my stomach, while smaller, is lumpy and bumpy. I also still have a lot of numbness in my abdomen and flanks and it feels strange when I run or get on a stair master but what can one expect when they remove that much material.

As for my weight, I'm down to about 197 lbs, which is about 10 lbs lighter than when I was when I went into the surgery. The reason may be that I'm hitting the gym pretty hard and that my appetite hasn't fully returned.

I've got my one month visit to Dr. M next week so it will be interesting to see what he says.

Do I look totally lumpy to you all or is it that I've been staring at my stomach too long?

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I just hit my six week mark and am thrilled with...

I just hit my six week mark and am thrilled with the results. I'd say my swelling is down about 80% around my upper/lower abdomen and 90% around my flanks. As you can see from the latest pics, I have a bit of resilient swelling to the left of my naval (which feels like fluid) and at my lower right abdomen, which feels like normal swelling. But they are becoming less and less noticeable so I hope in six months it will be gone.

Two weeks ago I met with Dr. M and he mentioned I needed a few more lymphatic massages to help drain those areas so I scheduled three more treatments. Dr. M said I'm at a crucial junction, as now is the time that the skin tightening is happening and collagen is being formed so the less swelling the better.

I'm at the gym regularly as I'm training to do the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike in early Feb, so I'm spending about 45 min to an hour on a stair master then doing weights every other day. Prior to my surgery I was probably as active at the gym as I am now, but no matter what I did, I could not get my abdomen and love handles to respond. This surgery has been wonderful in removing the fat that diet and exercise didn’t touch. I’ve been able to get the shape I’ve always wanted and that was otherwise unattainable. So for any of you, who are in the same boat as I was, take the plunge, schedule an appointment with a qualified Dr. who has a ton of SL experience and ask him/her what they can do to help.

Now for my Dr. M plug (and no I’m not being compensated for this) Dr. M is a master at this procedure and I would highly recommend him. I think my recovery has been slower than others because he removed so much material (over 3000 ml) but was able to get me the results I wanted. In terms of cost I know there are cheaper options out there but he's been running a ton of pricing promotions so his pricing is probably half what is was prior to the recession and in my opinion very affordable. I'm always shocked to read people who go to surgeons with little or no experience to save a thousand dollars or two. This isn't something that is reversible so it better be done right the first time.

Finally, some people have asked my total outlay and all in, including the procedure, all travel, all medicine; all post procedure treatments (massage, ultrasound, etc... I'm at $6,800).

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Time to update again, now at ten weeks post op. To...

Time to update again, now at ten weeks post op. To be honest I am suprised by how much my lower abdomen is still swollen. I still can feel at least 1/2 to 1" of swelling. It might be scar tissue at this point but I hope it is just swelling. I'll be seeing Dr. M again in Mid Feb so I'll be intrested to see what he says - assuming i don't die doing the Grand Canyon hike in two weeks :)

I'm still very happy with my results and will continue to post photos so that people trying to decide can see what my experience has been.

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I've been researching Smart Lipo for some time and...

I've been researching Smart Lipo for some time and finally got up the courage to do the deed. Being a 34 year old man in decent shape (6'1" 205lbs), I had to convince myself it was acceptable for me to want to look better and to spend this kind of money to do it. I read and researched everything I could about the procedure and doctors. I picked my Dr. because of his experience and expertise.

Because I'm not located in AZ, I had a telephone consult with his staff in August where I submitted some pictures and was quoted a price based on my desired areas of improvement (uper and lower abdomen and my HUGE love handles).

I must have been slightly crazy because I paid 1/2 my bill (3k) upfront to lock in a date without having spoken to Dr. M. Well that day is tomorrow. I met with Dr. M and his staff this afternoon and I was relieved that he seems every bit as qualified and sincere as what I'd read. He really seems to do the most for his patients and is always considering new ways to make his treatments and procedures better.

For example, during my consult, he told me that he now uses water assisted lipo in addition to Smart Lipo because it helps in the healing process and leaves a better finished product. He described the fat cells like grapes on a vine. During Smart Lipo the grapes rupture when the laser hits them, letting the oily fat drain out, which is then removed by the small cannula. He said that "up until nine months ago that would have been the end of the story." However, at that time he's started harvesting stem cells for some of his patients and it happens that fat cells are great source for stem cells. In order to harvest stem cells he needed a new machine that he imported from Germany. This machine shoots high pressure water at the cells and allows him to remove not only the oil from the burst cells but also the cell remnants and other waste material. This significantly reduced recovery times and decreased swelling because the body didn't have as much work to do (i.e. not having to break down and absorb all the left over stuff). I thought taht's all great but why does it matter to me? Luckily he explained, and said it is imperative to get the swelling down ASAP as the collagen will start form at about week three. If the body is still swollen at that time, the collagen will form too large and the patient won't see significant tightening. At this point i was convinced he knew what he was talking about. He said he's done over 4,000 procedures and about 40% of his clientele is fixing previous lipo jobs, which again made me feel better.

Sorry for the long post but if you're considering a multiple thousand dollar investment, I thought I'd give you my experience. Anyway, I'm all marked up and will be heading in tomorrow at 8 AM. Wish me luck and I'll be posting my pics as soon as I pull them from my iPhone.


you look fantastic, congratulations!
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you look great! Thinking of doing some body jet...but scared too at the same time..had my consultation...still debating...but seeing the results of real people's comments is making it easier for me to move forward. Thanks for your true honest feedback! :O)
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I got a question sent to me asking how much material was taken out and it's affects on my weight. I had 3500 CC of "fat" removed. I weighed 207 on the day of surgery and I'm currently at about 204. I don't think I lost any weight as a result of the surgery but I had no appetite for about two weeks following and I'm guessing that is where I lost the weight. My goal is to get down to about 190 on my weight which should enhance the results of my smart lipo.
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I've updated my photos but it didn't take so i...

I've updated my photos but it didn't take so i need to write 25 words so taht it will take my post. So here goes... see new pics below.


Thank you for continuing to keep updating. Most people seem to take the after pic right after the surgery and leave it at that. Every time I start feeling depressed or impatient with my results I look at your pictures and am reassured because of how much your body has changed even from one month to now. Your results look amazing and I hope my doctor did as good of a job!
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ok thanks, like i said ur review helped and it encouraged me to do a review with pictures, since there are not many males that have the surgery or does a review with pictures i figured i would post pics too. i know ur review helped people as it helped me and im hoping my review will help anyone wanting to do the surgery but are scared, thanks again
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your review helped me decide on having smartlipo, do you have any pics from now having been awhile since your surgery?if you could post them , i had mine done on 1-11-10 and now im swelling up alittle bit, hope it goes down like yours did on day 14, thanks
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I've updated my gallery with a pic i took this...

I've updated my gallery with a pic i took this morning at 12 weeks. There has been a little bid of reduced swelling but not much. I'll post again at week 16.


Wow, nice results. I'm a male in my mid-30's at a weight of 175lb (pre surgery) and now 185lb (post) that had Smartlipo just over 3-months ago and am very surprised / disappointed in my lack of results. I have always been in pretty good shape and was told by several Dr's that I was an "ideal candidate for Smartlipo" as a result of only having a few trouble areas (abs / love handles). I thought this was something that might help me get over the hump if combined with a little hard work on my end. In addition, I've been on a high protein / "good" carb diet since the procedure and coupled with 3-4 days weight lifting and 3-days cardio since approx. 2-weeks post. Well, I've gained 10lbs. and still have significant bulges of fat in my problem areas. No tightening of the skin and one love-handle seems to have more fat now then the other. I had my 3-month check-up with my Dr. and he was at a lost for words. I had gained 1.5" in my belling and looked even larger than my 1-week post photos. Without any reasonable explanation, he gave me a number to a trainer to see about burning the fat. Does this sound right to any of you? If the fat had been removed, then why is it still so visibly apparent? At this point I feel very disappointed and sickened by the expense ($5000+) and lack of results if my only option now is to work twice as hard to burn fat that isn't suppose to be there. Any suggestions? At 3-months post and +10 lbs. (some of which could be muscle); have a completely miss my opportunity? My Dr. says no, but I need a 2nd opinion.
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I went to the website of the massage tool you've been using; and I'm curious: it says not to use over organs (stomach, liver, etc). Which one exactly are you using?
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Hmmm, i didn't notice anything in the manual saying not to use it on the abdomen (and i have had ultrasound done for a sports injury on my stomach before). Don't use it if you're not comfortable with it or your doctor says not to. As you can see from my day seven photos, i was very swollen and needed something to get my swelling down. Also, my father used it on a chronic shoulder injury and it stopped hurting in a matter of weeks, so it must do something. http://shop.ultrasoundcure.com/product_info.php?products_id=32

I was organizing my pics earlier tonight and found...

I was organizing my pics earlier tonight and found a few gems that I’d forgotten about. I took this picture back in August of 09 on the day I called Dr. M for a consult. I'm amazed at how HUGE my stomach and love handles were. The pics show the mighty change my surgury has brought about. I can't belive that was me 9 months ago.

Whenever, I'm still not satisfied with my progress, all I'll need to do is take a look at the before picture and realize how good things turned out... the change is crazy. The thing that gets me most is that I was as active back when these pics were taken as I am now. I'm only about 5lbs lighter now than i was when the pics were taken so I havn't lost any mucle mass just the two inches of fat covering them.

My genetics must be hell bent on keeping me from starving as I could not touch that stomach fat no matter what I did, good for ice age living times not so good for current living.


Is youor surgeon based in the US or UK? thanks- good results! are you still happy?
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That sucks! If you were in shape before, I'd be surprised if the additional 10 lbs was the result of muscle gain. I'm at 3 months as well and still have noticeable swelling (as you can see in my lower abdomen). If you have before and after pics I'd send them to another Smartlipo surgeon to get a second opinion. Dr. Malan said about 40% of his business was fixing previous lipo jobs, so it does sound like getting the right Dr. is critical. You should post your before and after shots so that others can comment. There are several respected Dr.'s who browse this board and they might be able to comment.

Time for me to add my 16 week photo update. I'm...

Time for me to add my 16 week photo update. I'm shocked by how much better i look that the 3 month prior shot. I knew I was "big" but I guess I got used to looking at myself. Again, this is the best 6k I've ever spent.


He's based in Phoenix Arizona, USA. Yes, It's the best 6,000 I've spent.

Just hit five monts post op. Still making some...

Just hit five monts post op. Still making some progress on the swelling. Check our the pictures and decide for yourself. Totally worth it, for those of your still on the fence.


Not painful at all. You only know it's working because of the humming noise the machine makes. You can also put a drop of water on the machine head and see I vibrate.
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wow, you look great! I am thinking about buying an ultrasonic massager too because I have to start massaging my tummy in about 3-4 more days....was the ultrasonic massage painful?
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Todd K. Malan

based on my first meeting with my Dr, yes. But proof is in the pudding see photos below. I'm extremely pleased and would highly recommend my Dr. (I'm currently at five months post op)

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