Age 29, 4 Children, Considering Scar Revision After Tummy Tuck

Im 4 weeks out on a full TT and am happy with the...

Im 4 weeks out on a full TT and am happy with the overall result, but not with how high my scar is on the sides and how my stretch marks are bunch up together on the sides.

Im 29 and have 4 children 1,3,9 and 12 years of age so saying that thats why i had a TT done. I've been very down about this and need answers from an outside source besides my family they only try to make me feel better but i need answers so i can go on with my life. I would like to know if a scar revision involves the same procedure as the first , what is the down time as far as recovery, does the whole scar need to be opened or just the sides, make a new belly button over again, is the pain the same as the first(it hurt like hell i rather go thru labor again) going under again, risk, (theres always a trade off), etc.??

Its a really stressful journey and especialy when you take time off for caring for your children and husband taking time off work, its a big sacrifice. And when you make that big sacrifice you want to be completely happy with the results. Im 29 and i still wear low rider jeans and really was looking forward to wearing them with a small top without my scar creeping out so much. I know its not much of a problem, i've seen worst but i sacrifced alot to get this done and to not be completely satisfied it sucks. So is going through this again worth it? I just thought i would be happy and now i questione myself if it was worth it.


I'd love to know the answer to this as well. My right side is much higher than my left as well .. I think I might just be super swollen yet.. but anyway I ended up with and infection and my stitches busting and have a huge "hole" at the bottom of my incision and it looks awful and I can't imagine it will heal very pretty. I would love to get the scar revised but not if its the same recovery and pain. However at least if I opt to do so, my surgeon will do it free of charge.
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it looks to me like he may have taken off to much skin on the sides. its looks the your pelvic bones are pretty wide set, and he did not take that in consideration when removing the excess skin. im not sure if the revision would be the same as another tummy tuck, but im pretty sure the pain would be pretty close to similar, your just not tightening your abdominal wall which shouldnt make the experience too horrific. Depending on how large the scar is determines whether they need to take skin from another part of the body. If it is a small scar the Dr. can usually just remove the scar and close the wound. If it is a large scar or an abnormally shaped scar then they would need to do a full thickness skin graft. and i heard skin grafts are painful. if you dont want to go through the surgery again, maybe try some of the mederma skin cream, its a bit pricey,and takes a few weeks, but it does really work. i had this huge gash on my right calve when i was in middle school, and after about a month or 2 after i applyed the cream every day, the scar is about an inch long now. besieds that, i think your results look great!very nice hour glass figure, which all surgeons should be aiming towards. ive seen other women with TT done and theu end up having a manly, square shaped body after words.
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I got a TT done because of my 4 pregnancies. I am...

I got a TT done because of my 4 pregnancies. I am not happy with the sides of my scars, they are too high and am unable to wear low rider jeans. I am happy with my belly button and how low my scar is by my pubic area. But my sides are really stressing me. It creeps out on all my jeans and was hoping to wear small shirts to show off my hips and stomach. Can the sides be lowered only or do i need the whole scar to be redone.? and if it is even possible to do anything to fix the scar on the sides so they dont creep out?

Does a scar revision after a TT involve the same procedure as the first time, how long is the recovery time, is pain the same as the first time, do i have to go under again, risk, etc.?? Im 4weeks out of surgery and not completely happy with how high my scar is on the sides and how bunched up my stretch marks are on the sides. Overall it looks good but going through all of what invovles a TT i want to be completely happy with the results and im not.


Wow, your scar looks very similar to mine. Everytime I look at it, I just don't understand why its so high. My doctor did not spend enough time discussing my scar with me. She marked me in a hurry and I guess I just imagined she would do it lower. Mine is like a W and its higher on one side as well. I am glad its flatter but people don't understand that after you pay so much to get this done, you don't just want better, you want the best! You look alittle tighter than I do though... I was considering talking to my doctor about a scar revision and lowering it at some point. What did you end up doing and do you like it better now?
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I know it's been a while I have the same issue but worse my goes all the way to the back~ did you get your revised and if so how did they do it?? I am excited to hear back from you~
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Your scars look very good. Did you get a scar revision? What did the doctor say about lowering the scar?
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Overall he did a great job on my procedures, i got several done but im a perfectionist.

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