Ugly Red Neck Scar

I had hyperparathyroid surgery over three years...

I had hyperparathyroid surgery over three years ago and ever since I have a 3.5 inch visible scar on my neck. The unfortunate part about it beyond the scar itself is that the surgeon never found the abnormal gland after a seven hour surgery. You can imagine that I was devastated.

I have tried all kinds of laser therapies (fraxel, PDL, IPL, 1024 nm, etc...) but none have worked to my liking. Furthermore, I have tried various topical solutions (Mederma, Bio-oil, Transdermis, Aloe Vera, Kelo-cote, cocoa butter, etc...), which do not seem to work at all. The only thing that has worked to a minimal extent were steroid injections, which worked to flatten the hypertrophic scar. However, the scar is still noticeably red and the texture is not to my liking.

I saw a plastic surgeon in Palo Alto in late 2008 and he told me that if he does scar revision, that there is only a 20% chance that it would be slightly better and 75% chance that it would probably look the same. He said the neck, due to constant muscle tension, may have played a role in causing the enlarged scar. That is not the risk that I'd like to take at this time.

Are there any treatments that would actually work?

I have had the same surgery as AngelDemon23, i had an enlarged thyroid and had it entirely removed, it left me with an angry red thick rubbery scar, still 5 years in the redness has only reduced by 50%. I have had laser which made it worse, many steriod injections which hav flattened it well, i had scar revision but failed. I now cover it using green mineral powder, its AMAZING. Only costs a couple of pounds online ( i got on ebay) but the green powder dissolves into the redness reducing its appearance greatly, i combine this with fair mineral powder also to complete, but it stays on for days, even through showering. I think thats the best we can do out of a crappy situation. Hope it helps xx
I just had my thyroid surgery August 12th and I have been using biocorneum gel my surgeon recommended  my scar seems less does work, you can buy it from Amazon it's less cheaper
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If you have any neck surgery and are concerned about the aesthetics, consider endoscopic means.

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