Rhinoplasty Tip Swelling at 8 Months

Pros: quick recovery, minimal pain, can change the...

pros: quick recovery, minimal pain, can change the nose dramatically
cons: long wait for results, could be expensive, risk of revision

overall I recommend it.

Updated on Aug 25, 2009
i had primary rhinoplasty 9 months ago.

the pros: made nose smaller, straight , easy recovery , not painful

the cons: expensive, might have undesired results,

I had primary rhinoplasty 9 months ago. I am middle eastern and I had a pretty big nose, bulbous tip. I am now happy with my profile (i like a bit of a bone), but I feel like the tip is still significantly big and round compared to the bridge (and a little pinched, but thats not my point here). It Could it be rhinoplasty swelling at 9 months? the transition from the bridge to the tip is not smooth. What could it be? final result? plz see pic.

I had an open rhinoplasty done 8 months ago. one side of my profile looks a little different from the other -- the tip seems bigger on one side. Could it be swelling at one side at 8 months?


Hi! I saw the question you posted regarding a possible pinched tip 2 months post op. From the pictures above, it looks like the issue resolved on it's own. Am I right in assuming that the improvement was a result of time and not a revision? I am 9 days post op and fearing that my nose may end up pinched. Your story is encouraging. You are beautiful and your nose looks natural. All the best!
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what is the name of your doctor?
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Looks good. Is it painful and who did you see in lebanon? Who would you recommend?
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