Not Happy - Now I Have an Upturned Nose and a Low Columella

Wish i had not done this, My nose is now fat...

Wish i had not done this, My nose is now fat upturned and i have a low columella, i need corrrective surgery asap when isthe earliest that i can have this done as i am ashamed to leave the house


Unless there is a particularly dangerous situation with how the nose is healing, most of my colleagues and I would suggest waiting between 6 and 12 months post-op before proceeding with a revision. This allows the nose to settle into a more stable configuration and allows the inflammatory response to subside. Patience can be difficult, but it's usually the prudent course. I'm curious why you've not had contact with the surgeon. Is he/she not available?
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i am visiting the surgeon on saturday to talk about this, he wasnt going to see me but i insisted. Im now on the fourth week and it now looks like it is also going to be wonky. i also have a bad smell that is inside that i am also worried about. Would you think i should use the same surgeon or steer clear. I have now cried myself out
i have now spoken to the surgeon and he wanted to give me steroid injections which i was even more concerned about. I also visited another surgeon who agreed the tip wa too hihg but said it will drop and that i have to be patient, and that if necessary they can correct this in a year. would this be possible by a surgeon wh has already messed it up before ? Please advise me

This is 5 weeks after surgery my nose is awful and...

this is 5 weeks after surgery my nose is awful and i smile like im in shock even my eyes a different, alll my friends have sommented on the fact i look strange


It looks waaaay better post op. It looks normal,which is very nice. You just have to get used to it. Terrie
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It looks waaaay better post op. I
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So sorry you don't like your nose, though I do not see the issues you describe. I do notice in the after photo that you provide, you have your head tilted up quite a ways. If this is the view you are inspecting the tip of your nose from, it is kind of to be expected that your nose will look upturned from such an angle. What matters is that you are not happy but I will just say this, as far as your revision goes you will not be able to get your old nose back. So just proceed with caution and much consideration and wait until you are close to a year out so you can really see what you do not like about it. Your nose will change, and change some more before then. You may even adjust to it being that you are really early! You have tons of swelling to go down, no joke. I am sorry that your friends are so insensitive.
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dr paganelli hospital group weymouth street london wc1

no before/after pictures shown no discussion and no contact with surgeon since operation

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