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Swelling on Tip After Nose Surgery - Huntington Beach

I had a hump on my nose and i hated my profile...

i had a hump on my nose and i hated my profile.

so i decided to go through with rhinoplasty. i am happy that i got it. just the tip being swollen is driving me kind of insane.

I did it because i hated my profile. and i had my...

I did it because i hated my profile. and i had my dads manly nose on my face i never liked it.

I am happy with the way things turned out. its just a lot of patience because its still very swollen on the tip.

WOW, love your new nose!
I think you are hot just the way you are, pick your favorite nail polish and go! :)
well it is now 4 months everyday is a better day

I got Rhino Plasty 2 months ago and i do...

I got Rhino Plasty 2 months ago and i do understand that it takes up to a final year for the swelling to come down. I was just wondering how much longer will that Little Ball of Swollenness around my tip come down? its driving me crazy. The hump is gone. but now its just the tip that is takin forever to come down.

I am still unhappy! I had an injection to refine the tip, but really need a more aggressive surgeon!! Clip helped slightly, the injection even more.. Just not enough.
wait u had an injection? to do what to your nose if i may ask?
This is very helpful, thank you. I just had mine done a month ago and am dealing with the swollen tip. Guess I need to keep "being patient."

I totally think it was worth it.

i totally think it was worth it.

Hi I wanted to know how ur nose was holding up? thanks :]
You look so beautiful with your new nose!! I just got mine done a little over 3 weeks ago and i think my tip looks really big and swollen too so I feel you on that. I hope it goes down a lot more. Looking at your pictures gives me hope though.
Thank you! but yes my nose is finally perfect now. my skin is super sensitive and it gets swollen for i think double the time but it was worth it . taught me patience haha
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