Rhinoplasty to Even out Nostrils Did Not Work

My nose is very uneven and I wanted to make my...

My nose is very uneven and I wanted to make my nose symmetrical. I underwent a procedure described to me as a "tip rhinoplasty". In a word my results suck. My nose is still very uneven and I don't know what to do about it.

What needs to be done to make my nostrils symmetrical? When looking at me from the front, my right nostril sags lower than the left. When I lift my head back the right nostril is sunken into my head lower than the left.

I think you have what is called a microform cleft lip. your orbicularis oris muscle is mislocated on the affected side, which in your case is the right side. dr. Arthur desrosiers, located in Miami, can fix this without any external scarring. he does the entire procedure from the inside of the lip. I know because I am a patient. all other doctors do this procedure from the outside and leave scarring. dr desrosiers can also improve the symmetry of your nostrils. look up his office...it's called Marquis Plastic Surgery in Miami Florida. Good luck.
I don't know if you are still looking at these comments, but I would say that without a doubt you have what is called a microform cleft lip. The muscles of the lip did not fuse properly causing a nasal lopsidedness. Your right side of your upper lip is shorter than the left. If you look at your right lip line, you have no facial hair growing there, it is different from the left side. That is the cleft line, and I see a tiny separation of the vermillion there too. My son has this and I have had it diagnosed by the top cleft surgeon in the country. Too fix your nose, you have to fix the lip muscles but that could leave a big scar on your lip. Might be worth it though. Look at Rosario Dawsons nose. Joaquin Phoenix has the same thing but his lip is more affected than his nose.
yes pleases, answer uss, how it is doing, hope to hear some goodies from you.
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I'm just not satisfied with my results and I am told that he will not attempt to make my nostrils symmetrical because he is afraid of the scarring. I feel no more comfortable with my nose than when I went for the first consultation

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