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It's only been just over a week since I had my...

It's only been just over a week since I had my nose job and i'm very happy already I know there is a lot of swelling still. As my nose looks so good only a week after I know it will look great when all the swelling has gone away. I had not much pain at all although I was taking pain killers every day for the first 4 days. I found ice packs really helped too for the for the first few days.

I always thought my nostrals were pretty big and I also had a small hump on the bridge of my nose. I wanted the tip made smaller and the hump removed also the nostrals made smaller.

My Doctor was fantastic he listened to what I wanted then told me his ideas too. At first he was not sure he wanted to do it as he said I already had a good nose but I know that he could do the job with his great experience so I was pleased when he agreed to do it. He specilizes in Rhinoplasty. He was very good!

I recommend anyone to go to him!!!! he will not let you down.

I'm still waiting for swelling to go down but i'm very happy so far so I think things can only get better.

If your unhappy with your nose and want it improved go to this Doctor.

Any questions about my experience I will be happy to answer.


Hi There, I have rhino Scheduled with dr g in Sept. My biggest worry is collapse. Are you still thrilled with your results?
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Hi, thanks for posting your review. I was drawn to your review because I also visited Dr. Grigoryants recently, and from reading your review, the results I'm looking for are similar to what you had done. All I'm really wanting done is getting rid of a slight bump on nose that is really only visible from a 3/4 angle and making tip slightly smaller, like you wanted. When I visited Dr. G, he basically told me that I have a good nose, but that he could make it better through subtle changes. I'm having trouble visualizing what the changes might look like because most of the before/after pictures in his office are for more drastic changes. Do you think it was worth it to go through with the procedure for subtle changes like you had? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Did he do any computer imaging so you could see the possible results? Also, if you have any other after pictures you'd be willing to email me, that would be greatly appreciated (no worries, if not). Thanks so much!
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I just had my nose fixed by Dr. Grigoryants about a month ago. I am so happy with the surgery process and the results. My family was also happy because they were worried that I was going to look too different but I am getting only compliments!!
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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He listened and is fantastic at his Job! he has a lot of experience and specilizes in Rhinoplasty!

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