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I am biracial (black/white) and I had my nostrils...

I am biracial (black/white) and I had my nostrils and tip reduced 3 years ago. Although I liked my old nose, I didn't like the way my nostrils flared when I smiled. My doctor is the one who recommended the tip work, because he said he had to narrow my tip to match my nostrils. I didn't have an issue with my tip, but he is a reputable surgeon so I figured he knew best.

My surgeon was conservative and I was quite satisfied with the initial result (for the first year or so). But it is now three years later and my tip has become bulbous. My nose now looks bigger than it did before the surgery; it stands out. I find this very frustrating because I never even asked for the tip-plasty. I'd love to go back to my old nose which suited my face much better.

My question is, why would my tip become bulbous so long after the surgery? My pre-op tip was fine and my post-op tip was fine for the first year or so. Could this be attributed to the normal ageing process (I am age 30)? Could it have something to do with the fact that I gained about 10 pounds in the last 2 years? Could steroid injections help, or is it too late?

I have included 2 recent pictures.

Roger-Paul Delorme

I don't question the surgeon's skills, I think my problem is due to the way I heal.

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What type of laser to reduce the fat on the tip?
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I am also ethnic (Indian, Middle Eastern) and am looking for a good rhinoplasty provider. I think it may be better to go to a different city. I don't want to mess with my nose!
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A lot of people suggest Dr.Swift in Westmount, but he is quite expensive. Dr.Schwarz in Westmount has done a few people I know, he seems to be good and his prices are more reasonable. I;ve also heard good things about Dr.Papanastasiou who is also in Westmount.
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It is very difficult to find a good surgeon and lots of homework has to be done in regards to surgeon..knowing what we want versus what can be achieved is very important..I am from Montreal and African American and cannot seem to find a surgeon that has experience in ethnic noses..I met on a month ago that suggested to reduce my nostrils by going through my mouth(front teeth to get to my nostrils). I also want my tip refined but he doesn't use cartilage
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It was {edited}. He is a good surgeon, my problems aren't related to his skills, but rather to the way I heal. That's the thing with plastic surgery, no matter how good your surgeon is, you can never be 100% of what your final result will be (your nose can keep on changing for years). Unless you are truly dissatisfied with the way you look, don't do it. Btw, most surgeons won't refuse a patient, even if they look fine. De rien :)

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can i ask you who is your doctor, I live in montreal and I am plannning to have a nose surgery :) merci
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Thanks. I wish my doctor would have warned me. I never would have thought that my post-op nose could look bigger than pre-op nose... Could laser still be beneficial three years after surgery?
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Hi Mahalia, I think we met the same doctor. I have information for you in regard to your question that might help you. feel free to write me in private

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hey, im getting my nose done in 2 days, and my doctor told me due to my skin color and my race my nose will grow back again. I forgot the medical term but it fatty cells in the nose that porduce fat and make it bulbuos. My doctor recommended me laser treament after te surgery. hope it helps
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