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Had a severely deviated septum as well as a nose I...

Had a severely deviated septum as well as a nose I always felt was a little too large for my face. I had the septum fixed once, though while my breathing improved slightly, in ways it made things worse - ie., having not enough septum and still a a lot of nose, causing the tip to hang even lower.

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I'm pleased with the appearance, and I'm...

I'm pleased with the appearance, and I'm already breathing much better.

Bascially, the first time around, I didn't get what I wanted. Now, I'm content.


Liz S 3 seconds ago I had Septohinoplasty done with Dr. Jay Calvert in California. This was a third surgery for me. The two other surgeons made my breathing worse and made my nose crooked on the outside. Dr. Calvert just operated 4 weeks ago and my nose is looking much better every day. I still have swelling but I can tell my nose is shorter and more symmetrical. My septum is fixed now thanks to Calvert! I can breathe for the first time in my life. He also did liposuction in a few pockets of fat I had - not much because I am a size 2. I had no bruising from the lipo just some swelling and I wear my compression garment still to help with that. Look into Dr. Calvert. He was great and even came to the house I was staying at to check on me after the surgery. Look into taking either Arnica Forte or Repair Gold as supplements after surgery this will help with your swelling, bruising and general incision healing. Also, hyperbaric oxygen treatments are awesome for healing. I went to Advanced Hyperbarics in Newport Beach. If you are not in the area research where a location is online or ask your surgeon. I did three treatments before surgery to prepare my body and 10 after surgery and bruises on my face were gone by day 7 and by day 10 people thought I looked like I did not have surgery. I healed 50% faster. If you cannot afford a lot of treatments if you do 4 in the 10 days after you will see enough of an improvement.
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You look marvelous! Glad you are happy with the final results!
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i don't know of any good revision rhinoplasty surgeons in Michigan. Unfortunately I'm still looking to find a good surgeon as my nose was done badly by Dr.Poletes in Lansing,MI area. If anyone knows of a Good Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Kindly inform me. I am willing to travel. Thanks.
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