Excellant Facial Plastic Surgeon Fixed Rhinoplasty Mistake from 30 Years Ago

I had a rhinoplasty some 30 years ago and the job...

I had a rhinoplasty some 30 years ago and the job was terrible. My nose becam deformed and my septum wore away from scar tissue.

For many years once i was able to have it redone, no surgeon would touch it. Finally i found my Dr. who also is an ENT. He was so sympathetic and willing to work on my nose being that revisions were his specialty. He made no promises but knew he could make me look much better. He was so interested in my needs and fears and so into his work you could just tell. Also his staff were amazing and accomadating and made me so comfortable.

I would and have had other procedures done by this doctor and recommend him to all my friends and family.

Funny how quickly after the last bad review (2 days ago) .. this one comes up. and even funnier is that your surgery was 4 years ago but you ony decided to post it now?! this is one of Rizk's success stories from 2009 ! so they called you right away to put a good review on. Aren't there any other happy customers in the past 4 years?
Dr Rizk performs about 15-20 Rhinos a week. its been 4 years..he should have had about 2500 surgeries done ever since. and he had to cal you to post this?
If you look, this was not just posted being that there is a comment below that is from 3 years ago. Not to mention you can't edit reviews on here or dates, so I don't think this was just posted. It did however come up on a sidebar for me while reading something else.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

he truly cared and it showed. my comfort and happiness were his first concern.

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