NHS Versus Private - Does It Look Like I Will Be Needing a Third Operation? Please Help, I Feel As Though I Look Like a Klingon!

Pros - comfortable operation, improvements made...

Pros - comfortable operation, improvements made.

Cons - not entirely satisfied with my results so far, considering revision. I fractured my nose 2 years ago. As a result, I had septoplasty one year ago followed by a rhinoplasty (osteotomies only) 11 weeks ago to reduce the broadness of my nose and a small bump on one side (which turned out to be the roof of my nose which was brought in by the osteotomies).

I have now had two operations and I am concerned about the asymmetry of my nose to one side of my bridge. The side which is 'swollen' feels hard and stiff, whereas the other side feels and looks normal. At 11 weeks is this likely to be permanent or could it just be swelling? I don't have another appointment with the department for another 2 months so I could really do with some insight as to what it could be and whether or not I will need another operation, if they will allow me to.


Hi rxane, Really well actually. My previous plastic surgeon who kept filing it flatter caused an "open roof" deformity (I suspect this girl might have it as well) - and it could have gone really bad if I didn't get my second doctor to fix it. My nose looks MUCH better now, and getting even better each day - I actually shiver when I think what would have happened if I hadn't had my revision :S
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May I ask what you had done? I'm freaking out about a revision rhino myself. You're very beautiful and if it was an open rhino, unfortunately, the swelling will take a while. (Awful, huh?)
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"What you had done" = just the bridge? No tip work? No tip rotation?
NHS - London

I do appreciate the subtle/gradual approach of the NHS but fear I could've corrected my nose in the first operation if I had maybe gone to have it done privately.

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