Revision Rhinoplasty... 2 Surgeries Later, Still Crooked.

I broke my nose 10 years ago in a horseback riding...

I broke my nose 10 years ago in a horseback riding accident. I had a small bump on the side of my nose so I decided to have a rhinoplasty. I also discussed lifting the tip of my nose because she said I had a slight "hanging tip."

I had my initial surgery in April of 2007. My nose ended up being crooked and my nostrils looked deformed.

I had a revision rhinoplasty done 8 weeks ago by the same surgeon who had done my original surgery.(I only paid for the cost of anesthesia) There is little to no improvement in my nose. I know that they say to wait a full year to see the results but I know that with my last surgery, if anything, my nose only got more crooked as time went on.

I really feel for you, but I think there is a slight improvement! Your results seem quite similar to mine, I've only had one operation though. My surgeon wants to do some fixing in a few months (won't cost me anything) but now I'm really considering at least consulting others for a second opinion. It's so frustrating isn't it. Good luck.
Editor's Note: Here's a link to Laney1007's review of her first surgery: Bad rhinoplasty results with before and after pics - 2 years later

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Sorry, I feel your pain.Who is the surgeon you saw/
hi,, really sorry 4 u,, i've a similar experiance.. but regarding urs actually i think there is improvement! it looks better.. i think with a tip refinement ur nose will look great .. look 4 a good revision dr and ur problem will end.. wish u all the best
Who did you see last for your revision with great results??
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