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4 Months Using Retin-A = Smoother Skin and Smaller Pores

I use retin-a .05% and will say its the best thing...

I use retin-a .05% and will say its the best thing in my regime and I will never go without. You will experience peeling and redness for several weeks while your skin adjusts to using it, but believe me it is well worth it.

I've been using it for almost 4 months and my skin is already looking smoother, fine lines have already begun to fade and my pores are looking smaller. The best thing I ever did for my skin in my opinion.

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Well, in Feb 12 it will be 3 years since I started...

Well, in Feb 12 it will be 3 years since I started using retin-a and it's still going strong and still the most important part of my beauty routine. It is a texture refiner to the max!! Before I started on retin-a, looking at myself close up in the mirror was a nightmare...I now can buck up to the mirror and like what I see as far as texture and smoothness. Ladies, this is the single most important thing you can do for your skin over the age of 30...use it, stick with it and you'll be glad you did!


You look marvelous. I've just started with the retin-A.
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41??!! You look amazing !!! Can I know your diet please and all the vitamins etc you are usually taking? :))
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I've been using it since March 2012. It fixed a problem of large pores on my face except the forehead. I assume this is because the forehead tends to bear the brunt of photoaging. I will continue using it in the hope that eventually my forehead will improve. I have quite deep wrinkles there too and I am only 33.
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