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I got my first Perlane (Same as Restylane) in...

I got my first Perlane (Same as Restylane) in march 09. 2cc in each cheek for laugh lines. I got more cheeks but still had laugh lines....

So last week I went to a new Dr and I made sure that HE would perform the injections not a RN!! The MD took his time with me (almost 1 hr) explaining the different fillers and I (we) decided to go with the Evolence. My best friend has been using Evolence back home in Europe for about 4 yrs and she LOVES it.

My Dr did not use numbing cream...took his time injecting it slowly and oh baby do I look great! He injected it into the laugh lines and...they are gone...puff gone!

Evolence is way better then Resty. (the feels of it I mean it feels great) Resty and Perlane just felt weird. Evolence does not. And it will last double as long. I was a bit worried after reading the horror stories on this site, but I trusted my best friend and my MD more. No regrets, Evolence rocks, so does my doc! It's all about the injector! Doing your homework, talking to friends who had it done.

Dr. Almonte

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My comment is this: I work for a dermatologist who is has never done any training using fillers what so ever! Uneducated people think that because he had MD behind his name, he knows what he is doing, this is far from the truth! Our nurse injectors and Physician assistants consistently do a much better job with beautiful results than the MD does. It is unfortunate that you implied the RN was unable to perform the procedure as well as the MD.
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Hi i live in roseville and i'm looking into getting evolence and if possible could you give me the name of the dr you went to. Thank you!
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I go to an RN for all of my botox and fillers(Evolence&Juvederm). She worked in the Cardiac unit for many years. She is very qualified and looked at highly in the Aesthetic business. If you think about it RN's inject waaaaay more than Doctors, they're are the ones with the patients constintly. I trust all my beauty needs to my RN!!
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