Restylane Under my Eyes Worked Really Well for Me

I had restylane injected under my eyes one week...

I had restylane injected under my eyes one week ago. I have to say that I love love love the results!

I'm 40 yrs old and quite thin. In the past year I've noticed my dark circles getting darker and a "hollowness" that I've never seen before. Hated it. I knew I had to do something.

I've been getting restylane around my mouth for years from my PS and have always been happy with the results. I asked my PS about injections under my eyes. He actually refused. He does not like to inject any filler underneath the eyes. I was a little surprised but glad he was honest. He is the only PS I have had and trusted. I did not want to go to anyone else. I was afraid since a good PS is very important and so hard to find/trust.

I started to research and ask around for PS recommendations. I finally found a doctor 2 hrs away from me. I scheduled a consultation. The PS answered all my questions, gave me the pros and cons on the procedure, etc. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable...and his credentials were very impressive.

I was apprehensive since I have heard other people have bad experiences, but I decided to do it. Since I bruise very easily I started taking Arnica one week prior. (I even bought arnica gel just in case.)

The PS gave me a choice of 3 fillers and I chose restylane. As he was preparing the restylane he told me he will mix the restylane with a numbing solution. He said it will numb the eye area as he injects the restylane...Hmm. Ok. He had the nurse in the same room with us the whole time. He played music in the background so I can relax...He was about to start the injections when I noticed he didn't put any topical numbing cream on my skin...He said he didn't have to since he had mixed in a numbing solution with the restylane. I told him I still rather have some numbing cream on (just to make me feel better). No problem. He smiled and put some on me. Well, the injections did not hurt at all. I didn't feel anything (just slight pressure).

Only 1 syringe was used...he put a little more in my right eye (as I was hoping he would do. He's good :) It was over before I knew it! Wow. That was quick...thank god!

The most shocking thing was the fact that I hardly bruised. A little swollen, sure, but no bruising...Wow! I was impressed, since I was preparing for the worst. I looked in the mirror and saw a difference right away. I was very happy. I went to work the next day feeling fine (some tenderness around eyes only).

I wish everyone could have a good experience like mine. I truly believe a very good PS is needed for this procedure. I know everyone responds different to pain, fillers, needles, etc. I had a wonderful experience and will continue to do this once a year. It has really changed the way I feel about myself! Now that I have this refreshed look...I am going to try Latisse to get those long show off my new eyes :)

UPDATE: Well, it has been over a month since my...

UPDATE: Well, it has been over a month since my procedure & wanted to give an update. I really do like how I do not have that hollowness I had under my eyes before ...they were filled in nicely w/ the restylane. I am happy with that part!  But I must admit, my circles under my eyes seem slightly darker. More prominent. This surprised me since I thought it would be the opposite. Not sure why this is...perhaps the plumpness that I now have, somehow is casting dark "shadows" directly underneath the eyes (that isn't  filled in w/ restylane)..?

Anyways, I know I stated in my original post that I would do this once a year...I am not sure now. I'll see how I look in a couple of months...Circles aren't very attractive.

BTW, I started to use Latisse right around this time, and I must say I've gotten great results after 4 weeks of using it..Can't wait til I reach the 16 week mark. My eyelashes will be so long.



UPDATE: It has now been 6 months since my...

UPDATE: It has now been 6 months since my procedure of restylane underneath my eyes. I have to say I am very happy with the outcome!  The first 3 months I did notice the darkness under the eyes I did not have before, but all that is gone now.

As long as I use my doctor I will continue to get this procedure done once a year...if needed :)

BTW, I have been using Latisse for my eyelashes and it does wonders! Love it.

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Thanks ladies for posting such helpful info. I've tried Botox & have been toying with the idea of fillers, but have yet to take the plunge. Of course I'm freaked out something will go bad & I'll hate the results. What made you guys decide on Restylane over other fillers?

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Additional photos...
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Hi lp209. The darkness under your eye is most likely the resty. Do you have very thin skin under your eyes? I had the procedure done a few times and was fine. The last time I had done(same doc)my undereyes became a little dark in about 2 weeks. I did some research and found out that resty can give a blusish tint in people with very thin undereye skin. I will still do again. I can live with a little darkness, but can't live with my hollow eyes.
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Yes, I have very thin skin under my eyes. I had restylane put in. I wonder if I shoul've tried Juvederm? It now has been 6 months since the procedure and I really like my results! The first 3 months were not great due to the darkness but all that is gone now. As long as I use the same doctor, I would definately do this again!
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I have an upcoming appointment to get Restylane injected under my eyes. I'm quite anxious, but reading your experience has helped me reaffirm my decision to go through with it. I hope to be posting a similar story a couple weeks from now. Congratulation to you and your success story!!
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@ CandieApples: Did you proceed with the restylane under the eyes? If so, how did it go?
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Ah, yes I did, and it went horribly! I'm anxiously waiting for it to completely dissolve. I went to a well-known plastic surgeon in the area and trusted him completely, but he let me down big time. He overfilled under my right eye and barely put anything under my left. I did this back in October, and I still have a little "bubble" of product under my left eye that I'm really hoping will go away soon. He did a ridiculously bad job! Thank goodness it's not permanant. I cried every day for about a month, which certainly didn't help the swelling. I'll have to upload some photos here when I get a chance. I think within about a month or 2 it will be completely gone. I thought about having it dissolved with hyaluronidase, but was afraid that would cause it to look even worse. So I'm just waiting it out...and will never let that clown touch my face again.
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OH NO. Very sorry to hear about your experience!! I don't blame you for crying everyday for a month. Good thing fillers are temporary and eventually dissolve. How do you look now? Still have that small bubble of product under your left eye? What a shame. Hopefully within 2 months you are back to your normal self. I am quite thankful that my experience was a positive one. Good luck. I hope you look and feel better soon.
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