Regretful - Limelight Laser, Laser Genesis and Chemical Peels for Mild Rosacea

I had Limelight laser, Laser Genesis and chemical...

I had Limelight laser, Laser Genesis and chemical peel treatments to treat mild Rosacea. I now have hyperpigmentation and scars on my face. I am so upset about it, don't want to go out in public and cry about it daily. Make-up does not cover it.

I did these treatments to correct something mild and now have much worse problems. Make-up covered my mild rosacea, it does not cover the hyperpigmentation/scars.

Could you please tell me if there is anything I can do to correct this? I have gone to a few doctors and all tell me something different. I'm so confused. Please help! :(


Just a quick suggestion that may help to work out why some people have had unexpected complications from their laser or chemical peel treatments: could those affected please indicate what their skintype is? If you're not sure, please google Fitzpatrick skintype classification, and also indicate your eye and hair colour if possible, as this information is important for assessing whether you were an appropriate candidate for the treatment in the first place. The safest skintypes to treat with just about any laser or chemical peels are always those in Fitzpatrick 1-3, never 5-6, and only with the utmost caution and to a very limited extent Fitz 4. Laser Genesis and Coolglide can be used on almost any skintype though...if you know what you're doing!
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I have pale skin, blue eyes and brown hair. I was told I was the perfect candidate for lasers.
does anyone have any good experience with using virgin coconut oil to help heal the skin?
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My skin is much worse.

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