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Red Itchy Bumps After IPL to Remove Hair from Lower Leg Region

I hope to achieve permanant hair removal on lower...

I hope to achieve permanant hair removal on lower legs and underarm. Shaving does not work that well as my hair grow back very quickly.

I just had my second IPL session 4 days ago to remove hair from my lower leg region. Red dots that developed quickly into red bumps (like I'm being stung by bugs and they itched quite badly)occured the next day. There were more on day 3. Today, the bumps are starting to look like Day 1, but still itch. What's happening and is this common? I also had IPL on my underarm, and bumps also developed but they are not itchy. Pls advise what are they and if I should continue with IPL. Also how long should the sessions be spaced apart? my first session was done 9 days prior to my second session.


Everyone is supposed to get red bumps after IPL. It's the ingrown hairs that are coming out. The fact that the hair follicle has been killed, the bumps occur as a natural bodily reaction to dead hair. This dead hair is also coming out, but since it has been under the skin, it is pushing against the skin which is what makes it itchy. I have been doing IPL for years and I get this reaction every single time. It's part of the process and if you don't have red bumps, then the IPL didn't work and didn't kill the hairs properly.
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Helppp!!! I got the same reaction, I'm on day 6 and they itch like crazy, plus I have sooo manyyyy on both of my lower legs! how long did it lasted for you? Did they went away? thankss!
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Hidwbhappy68 and Kaity,

Here is some info from our doctor Q&A about the side effects and how long they will last with this procedure. Hope this helps. Please both of you keep me updated about how everything goes.

Thank you for your review and comment, all the best to you both,


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They are not trained dermatologists.

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