Nasolabial Folds & Marionette Lines - Beware of Swelling and Other Side Effects

I am 37 and had radiesse injected about two months...

I am 37 and had radiesse injected about two months ago for nasolabial folds and slight onset of marionette lines.

Cons: swelling, puffiness, soreness, bruising (soreness and bruising especially around the corners of the mouth!) continued for several weeks...when actually the Radiesse website and my Doctor's office give the impression that these injections are easy as pie and any side effects would be minor, if any at all. Radiesse can take a while to settle in, for me it's been literally two months and it's just now not sore and puffy anymore, it's actually starting to look ok. One side of my face was totally abnormally puffy. It looked really weird and I went back to my doctor and they then proceded to tell me that yes there are side effects...duh...and I was not happy, even though they were nice about it after the fact they should have warned me.

I'd had juvederm before (in small amount) and it was fine, so I thought this would be the same thing. I had been warned about the soreness, puffiness, weird nodule feeling under my skin, uneven feeling and bruising, I would not have been freaking out for about 2-3 weeks after. I was terrified I was going to be a puffy freak for a whole year till the stuff wears off. It's not like Restalyn or Juvederm that have a counteractive agent if too much is injected. I did not now this either.

Also, I would not have gotten it done before a major event, I even told my doctor about my plans and they said I'd be perfectly fine...I was not..I looked very very puffy and I was sore. I had originally planned to have one syringe but was convinced I needed two. I went with two, which I should not have. My advice is start with one syringe, wait for it to settle, then go back for more if you need to.

Like I said, pro is that it seems to be settling in ok. BUT I do not like the effect it has around the mouth area, I hate the "joker" smile that I see on so many women my age and in their forties. Some of you may know what I am referring too...too much filler in or around the mouth results in that weird triangular lip shape...with the corners of the mouth in an unnatural upward twist...I call it the "joker" mouth. I had a slight hint of that and I was horrified....but now it has subsided.

Like I stated, don't get it before a special event and also don't be surprised if it takes a few weeks to settle in. Sad that the own product's website does not really highlight these possible side effects, and my doctor's office didn't either. That's my complaint.

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I would not recommend him only because I should have been warned about the possible side effects, and I was not. Also I thought I was getting a product similar to Juvederm and I was not...I was getting something a lot more long lasting and was not advised properly. Had I known that, I would have only allowed one syringe.

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oh my god! I had Radiesse for the first time in my chin area...nasal area is fine, but chin is puffy, freaky looking, like I have tobacco or skoal in my mouth. PLEASE tell me this will go down, I'm so scared and freaking out. How long....I"m afraid she used too much or
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For me, I noticed that around the mouth was the puffiest area and the last of the swelling to subside after the injections. So don't worry too much. I think the area around the mouth is just so much more sensitive, my dr. actually noted in my chart that for next time, he won't get so close to my mouth because I actually bruised in addition to being puffy, so I was freaking out in the beginning. But it turned out I am sure yours will too, it's just swollen probably. Ask your dr. about applying ice gently...if she recommends that.?
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Just wanted to post an face is fine and I'm happy with how I look now. I feel back to 'normal,' and actually even better than before Radiesse. I feel like i look like me again, just with less of a saggy look! I am scared to get Radiesse again because of the first few weeks of weirdness...I don't really want to go through that, but it seems to settle in ok after hanging in through the initial puffiness. Just wanted to post this to all of you who are still in a funk after the first injections...hang in there! Mine turned out ok,,wishing happy thoughts that yours will too.
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I had Radiesse a few days ago on my chin for an indented scar & the area is still hard as a rock and puffy. I too didn't expect to look so horrid afterwards, neither my doc or the website mentioned the intense swelling & lumping directly following. I have no idea how long it takes to settle but right now I look like a freak,with almost a golf ball sized lump on my chin. The website says you can go back to work immediately, it's day three and I still can't go in public! I have a vacation in a couple weeks & hope to god it looks better by then or else I may be cancelling. I never expected it to look so hideous and feel so painful afterwards :(
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Holls77, Sorry to hear this. I know, it's crazy how the website and the Dr. don't bother to warn that it may be puffy and freakish at first!! I got really scared how puffy my face was, good Lord!!! I think they should at least be realistic and tell us it may look a little funky in the first days/weeks. Ask your Dr. what to do to bring the swelling down and go in to his office if possible to show the reaction. As I mentioned, my Dr. told me to try icing and benadryl and advil. It helped a little. Mine was especially bad around the mouth. It stayed sore and puffy for longer than other parts of my face. But in time it does improve. In the future, I will opt for Juvederm or somthing a little more non-committal and that can be reversed. Try not to freak out but I know how you feel. I was really upset too. And to think, I was almost talked into sculptra!!!!
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It's been 4 months now and the Radiesse that was injected under my eye is still puffy, the skin is now red and that looks like it will be permanent. This is just SO NOT RIGHT that these Doctors get away with injecting the product, but take no responsibility for the results. I really wish I could sue the Doctor. I just don't have a ton of money for a lawyer.
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I hope it subsides, best of luck to you. Sorry to hear about your reaction. I don't know how it can be marketed as having not allergic reaction, when obviously it does have some possible adverse effects in people! I was told by my doctor's office to take benadryl and advil to counteract the swelling, which I still do daily hoping it keeps the puffiness at bay......but I also gently iced my face every morning for about four weeks....(careful not to press hard to further irritate the area) otherwise it would have been so puffy scary to go out in public. Like I mentioned, it has settled in now, but not worth two months of soreness and worry and fretting with a puffy face...I will not get Radiesse again,,,
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I also had an allergic reaction to Radiesse to the point of an emergency room visit and I.V antihystamines followed by oral antihystamines that I am still on. (a week later) I had my marrionette lines done. The swelling has subsided but it was extreemly frighening when my lips and cheeks puffed up to the point of not having a neck and my lower lip was 3X the size of normal. I wonder when I will be able to come off the meds.
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