Radiesse Nightmare in Nasolabial Folds

I have swelling just above the nasolabial folds...

I have swelling just above the nasolabial folds and feel like a monster. Is this temporary or was the filler placed in the wrong area?

I wanted to know how long swelling is supposed to last for radiesse in the nasolabial folds. It seems like it was placed in the wrong area because I have swelling above those folds.
i am looking for a doctor in dallas area. who is your doctor so i can avoid going there. pleas let me know. thanks
I had the same with radiesse fillers, was told that this particular product was perfect for me so went ahead. Day 1, bruising around face, slight swelling, day2, black bruising through to day5. Day 6, yellow bruising.noticing lumps around mouth. Day 7. Horror disfigured face looking back at me, severly swollen.Bruising gone, look like car crash victim.Doctor again, told me to take piriton, home,Day 8. WORSE. 2blown up eyes, one barely open. A&E hospital at 6.00am scared for my eyesight.Told id had Severe anaaphylaxis reaction to Radiesse. Back to doctor. he was horrified, waiting now as weekend here for doctor to see me on monday, been given 20 mg steroids.Never ever have Radiesse to anyone i would advise.Dont know how im going to deal with this, no work, cant leave the house im a prisoner all for the sake of vanity and a few lines, wish i could turn back the clock. Amy
Hello Amy, My name is Kathy and I have a friend who is just now experiencing what you went through. It is now Feb. 2010 and I am hoping you may have found something that helps. If you know of anything or have found a treatment, pleas reply...and we can figure out a less public way to communicate. My friend is desparate and in extreme pain. Thank you for your time. Kathy
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The doctor did not take the time to examine where I needed the filler and didn't even ask any questions. Was very rough.

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