Unhappy with my Lopsided Quicklift Results

I had the Quicklift procedure 8 months ago. Along...

I had the Quicklift procedure 8 months ago. Along with a cheek and browlift.

I have been unhappy from the moment I woke up. One cheek was pulled up to my side burn area and there was a deep lateral sweep from the corner of my mouth going up to my ear. The other side of my face was barely lifted.

I understand the drawbacks of the mini-lifts. My doctor states that the Quicklift is a modification of the Macs lift. More manipulation is given to the SMAS muscle. He compares the results to be almost as good as a full facelift.

I am very unhappy with my Quicklift results. My face whole face is now asymmectrical. My doctor thinks I look great. I don't like the face that I have a hugh lateral sweep on the left side of my lower face and sagging skin on the right side of my face. He is willing to lift the right side with an incision around my sideburn. Pulling up in that area does lift my face....He also want to inject lipo-dessolve into the lateral sweep to flatten it out. I don't think this will work.


Teresa, I believe you. It is so obvious to me. I apolgize for the Lynns of this world. I wish her no harm, but I wonder what she would feel like if she the shoe were on the other foot. I am mortified that your Dr. would blame these results on "oblique lighting". Is his name Dr. Charles? Dr. Ray Charles? I wish you the best, Teresa. Be well.
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Dr Volshteyn: The results shown here are clearly terrible. I have to wonder if your premiere and primary practice was even in plastics. I have worked with many of the finest plastics physicians in New York and California and what I have learned is that to be a good one, you have to also be an artist. You are clearly not. You seem to not understand symmetry or what is pleasing to the eye which is in a large sense based on dimension. I understand fully that your "medium" is living muscle, skin, fat and bone. And certainly, the face and body are not completely the same on both sides. I can also see from these photographs that "Teresa" does not have the type of skin which drapes easily; that thin crepy skin with little fat as an underlayment. I can also see that she does have some bulk to the tissue. This being said, if you can sculpt one side, you can sculpt the other. You did not indicate in your response that she had any issues on the side of her face in question that was blocking your ability to lift and attach appropriately nor did you address any other debatable ideas but for subjectivity. Well. I AM an expert on beauty. I am a fine artist and sculptor. I went into makeup to express my art and have been rewarded for my results by working with and on some of the most well-known celebrities on the world stage. I think that not only is her result lopsided- I think it is a complete failure. And in my opinion, Sir, this woman deserves her money back and more.
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Hello again, I have to say that it wasn't until after my surgery that I realized that I didn't have any good pictures of myself. Atleast none that were taken while I was looking perfectly straight into the camera. The best before picture I have is the one above taken at my doctors office 3 days before my surgery. With a window to my left......it appears that the whole left side of my face was sagging.... Honestly have you ever see someone with only one side of their face hanging like that? I didn't go in telling my doctor that I didn't like the left side of my face. I think that if I looked that deformed before my surgery.....it would have been discussed. When I look at that pictre.....I see why only the left side of my face was lifted. The right side was tightened somewhat, but not lifted. When I expressed my concern to my doctor at my 8 week post op visit....he drew the vertical lines you see on that picture. He drew a much longer line on the left side of my cheek. From that picture he determined that the left side of my face was hanging more. That was the purpose of the next picture that I took 5 months after my surgery with the light hitting the right side of my face. Comparing the pictures. The right side of my face is hanging almost identical as the left side of my face in the before picture. All this left-right stuff gets so crazy sometimes. I just know that when I woke up from surgery...the right side of my face looked droopy and the jawline was loose. The whole right side of my face needs to be........my doctor will not redo that side. He said that if he did....I would end up with a sweep mark on that side too. He has told me that he is only willing to make an incision along my right sideburn to pull up the skin and then lipo jowl and jaw area to reduce the volumn. I've pulled the skin up next to my sideburn. It does even out my cheeks.....but it pulls my midface flat. That would be fine if the left side of my face was flat....but it isn't. From what I have read....lipo is not suggested to reduce volumn in the face. It is used to remove isolated area's of excess fat. I was told that I had lipo to my jowls and lower face during my surgery. If you look at my before picture.....you will see that I wasn't particularly heavy in the jowl area. the skin was saggy. So somewhere....I don't understand how the lower right side of my face got so fat. Gee's if I genly pull the skin along my right jawline towards my ear..the fullness dissappears....So would you want the skin to be tightened or go for liposuction magic?? My doctor wrote that he wants me to write everything down. And I can. But just as I have written all this stuff here.....I have said all this to him at my appointments. He shakes his head and says he can't see what I am talking about. He can't fix something he can't see. Even with what he is willing to do the right side of my face....it is only because I see it sagging. He told me to go home and have my mother pull up my face in my right temple area to pull up my cheek. He wanted to know if I was able to put on my blush easier. Did I really need to go home for that experiment?? Could he not see what happened with he pulled in that area?? My 17 year old son went with me to my last appointment. He said afterwards that the doctor talked to you like you were stupid. Believe me, that is exactly how he made me feel. I took picture to show him. But of course my picture didn't mean anything. He said blamed things on being oblique lighting, or my head was tipped or turned. So somewhere I get the impression that eveything is perfect if I stand under the perfect lighting and hold my head perfectly straight. You don't save your money for something like this and then be expected to pay for revision surgery. Most doctors won't do revision surgery anyway. The one's that do....charge twice as much.
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I had the quick lift and I'm very happy with it but the top of my right ear droops some what.but looking at your after pics it looks like you had nothing done.My face wasn't that bad before i had the quick lift.
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Oakley Send me an EMAIL: I am wondering if I have received the smae CD from the same MD that did your procedure. Supposedly, I am to be dealing the MD that "invented" the procedure!!!!
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So did you find out if is is the same surgeon,

Photo Update


Thanks for the comment I shall be avoiding this one..!!
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looks terrible, before and after, and i'm not trying to be funny!
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East Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

Everyday I see a lopsided face in the mirror. A doctor who claims to be Dedicated to Excellence should be ashamed of what he did to me.

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