Septoplasty - Deviated Septum Closed One Nostril Almost Completely

I had a deviated septum which almost closed one...

I had a deviated septum which almost closed one nostril completely. I was referred so that the septum could be repaired. Now both nostrils are open and working wonderfully.

The first 3 days with packing were very tough, with mouth breathing, but not terribly painful.

I had septoplasty 10 days ago. The surgeon did a great job, he said the cartilage had been fractured in several pieces. I have a incision in each nostril and this evening after irrigating with a neti pot, the scabs over the incisions came out easily. I see no infection or pus, but I can see the cartilage. Is this something I need to be concerned about or go and see my surgeon?
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In my case you can't tell from the outside at all. (No scars on the outside and no change in shape from the outside.)

I would imagine it all depends on the surgeon and what the desired result is. I'm sure it is possible to get a septoplasty along with some rhinoplasty. I wanted no change to my nose, I only wanted to be able to breathe properly.

That was achieved so well, that I can't believe I waited so long to have it done!
Hi i am having septoplastry in 2 weeks time. as i have bent spectrum can you tell form the outside once having this surgery that my nose will be staright ??
Don't worry about answering now. I have my own. I just kept putting teatree oil on with a q-tip each night and left the new scab alone. It finally fell off last night and the hole is closed. No more cartilage to be seen.
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Referred by family doctor because of ongoing breathing difficulty.

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