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Prominent Forehead and Temple Veins After Botox for Crowsfeet

I had botox injections for crowsfeet. A week...

I had botox injections for crowsfeet. A week later, I have noticed that a frontal forehead vein as well as the temple veins become prominent only when I smile. I am very concerned of the appearance and hopeful I will return to normal after the effects of botox wears off.

I got forehead and temple veins after having Botox for crowsfeet. What could be causing this?


Did this get better when the botox wore off, I am suffering with bulding veins in temples with indentation
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Sorry meant everywhere not everyone....
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Has anyone seen the recent photos of (the still gorgeous) Denise Richards? She has terrible veins everyone on her mid-forehead when she smiles. I've read she's over-indulged in botox.
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