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Had Profractional done to tighten skin but 3 weeks...

Had Profractional done to tighten skin but 3 weeks later see no results. The treatment stung and stunk but was not intolerably painful. It took 4 days to heal enough to be seen in public but I left the house at 3 and a half days with heavy makeup. At first it looked like the bags, sags, and lines had evened out but that was just the effect of swelling. Now, see no results. Hope results will appear over time.

I had profractional laser done to tighten baggy, saggy skin around my mouth. Three weeks later, it doesn't look to me as if there has been any improvement. How long will it take to see noticeable tightening of the skin? If, at all?


profractional can be done at varying depths and heats. usually it is combined with microlaser peel which is more controlling of "downtime."no heat is used for scar remodeling or dermal melasma. heat can be used in laser skin rejuvenation situations depending on the patients skin type. darker skin types risk post inflammatory hyperpigmentation as the amount of heat used goes up. theheat produces a biological response over time and no tightening is seen initially.
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Had profractional done over two weeks ago, bruising has just now subsided. Still red and itchy, has anyone else had this type of problem. Wrinkles look worse now also!!
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I have this same issue. Had procedure done 2 weeks ago and, after swelling went down, wrinkles around my eyes seem to have developed! What could be wrong??
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Not sure whether to doubt my dermotologist or the Profractional method itself. I've been happy with different procedures she did at other times.

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