Pro-fractional Laser for Melasma

Treatment has many benefits, but was very painful....

Treatment has many benefits, but was very painful. My reason was to rid myself of the sun damage spots on my face, described as melasma by my doctor, which were continuing to get worse every year. I use SPF 60 daily, but am very active outside year round.

If it works, it was worth it, however unless they give me something more for the pain of the procedure I won't be returning for a second follow up.

I recently had profractional laser treatment on my face for melasma and am wondering at what point can I return to my regular outdoor activities of cycling, running, and boot camp, etc? My treatment was 5 days ago and I am still applying vaseline and antibiotic ointment 2x per day.


I am an aesthetician in a Plastic Surgeons office and I have experience using Profractional Lasers and my recommendations would be to wait until 2 weeks until you resume your outdoor activities. Atleast until you don't have to use the vaseline anymore. If you expose your "new" skin to environmental damages before your skin is completely healed, it could do more harm than good. So, please be patient with your skin and give it more time to heal, your skin will thank you.
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Melasma is a very hard condition to treat one the problems is that you have to avoid sun light otherwise it keeps getting worst. Try using Tazorac cream and hydroquinone plus a very good sun block and vitamin C. Good luck keep us update.
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Yes and was very painful and I don't feel I was told how uncomfortable, etc. it would be in order to prepare my self. Also, the post treatment recovery time was bery unclear.

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