Holes After Profractional Laser for Scars, Discoloration and Acne

Pros-rounder face, facial lines diminishedI had it...

Pros-rounder face, facial lines diminished

I had it done for many things such as scars, discoloration, acne

Cons-holes in my face, more scars, some The scars and the skin texture is much worse, looks like holes burned from laser

I had a Profractonal done 4 times. The last one was the strongest, done by a nurse. It seemed to heal fine, until a few months latter, when small holes in the pattern of laser, started to show up, some joined making lines. What might have happened?


Has anyone found help with the pinholes?
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The pigmentation is 10 times darker. On the chin there is still the laser coloumn design damage and pinholes. I'm using hydroquinone with maybe slight improvement. http://www.realself.com/question/australia-au-tca-peel-indian-skin
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I meant no* not ok
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