Unhappiness After Blepharoplasty

Pros were removal of fat pouches under eyecons are...

pros were removal of fat pouches under eye

cons are shape of eye has changed depression, poor eyelid closure, headaches is did it to remove bags

i foolishly listened to people had upper and lower blepharoplasty 18 months ago and since have been very depressed, i jus dont look like myself anymore. i was wondering if there was anything i could do about it.

ive noticed my brows have descended, presumably due to the excision of fat from that area, and i think i may have slight ectropion on lower lids as whites show now , whereas they didnt before.it kind of gives me a sad look and i feel sad when i see it. also my eyelids do not fully close as they once did and get dry and tight persistantly.another great concern are the scars especially under the left eyelid.

please help

I think you we're alittle young to have Surgery. And i couldn't find a problem with you're Pre Surgery Picture. You look good. You got to be Very Carful On getting a Revision. You can come out worse. Sometimes it's better to leave things alone. Good luck.
How are you getting on? have you managed to book a consiltation yet?
At least you didn't get loads of scars and wrinkles everywhere. My right eyebrow was pulled down so much during a second surgery in attempting to fix a deep incision made 1" outside of my natural crease line. I have two different shape and size of eyes.
dr laseik

i beleive he did a very poor job

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