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Portrait Plasma Resurfacing

I am a 41 year old female and underwent Portrait...

I am a 41 year old female and underwent Portrait Plasma resurfacing 11 months ago to tighten very loose under eye skin (really crinkles when I smile), tighten upper eyelids giving the effect of blepharplasty, and get rid of lines above my upper lip. I was told that the collagen production would be substantial - 60-80% improvement.

I see maybe 5% improvement in the above target areas - absolutely was not worth the pain, recovery time, money. A side benefit is the lessening of spots of hyperpigmentation that I received after giving birth 7 years ago. I did get a few mild scars from the procedure as well, which really bother my husband because I saw little benefit but came out with more issues. They don't bother me much.

I have tried Botox numerous times for under the eyes. It doesn't help much if at low doses. And at high doses it makes my wrinkles just droop lower.

I am now at the point where I definitely don't want to undergo tons of expensive treatments, getting no results to speak of. Does anything greatly tighten undereye skin and upper lids, or greatly reduce deep wrinkles above the mouth? Should I just bite the bullet and resign myself to an under eye and upper eye blepharplasty? I am worried about the downward pulling of the eye that I've heard can happen. And do fillers for the lip area?


Wish I had read your post before I had it done. Did you find anything that has helped the scars? I was self-conscious about a few acne scars and so excited about getting rid of them finally...I also was looking forward to not having those upper lip wrinkles. I have never smoked and thought they were just unfair. I still have the wrinkles and the acne scars and now I have 5 ugly scars on my face...one quite predominate on my chin. I feel like a damn fool wasting all that money. I am only 2 months out and hoping the doc can do something to fix this.
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I think he 'sold' me on the idea and it wasn't right for my situation.

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